What advice would you give to a SE grad student planning to move to the states?

2021.10.17 06:05 rnakc28 What advice would you give to a SE grad student planning to move to the states?

I'm planning to move to the states once I've graduated. I live in a country in SEA, the college I'm studying is based in Japan but I fear I won't have enough of what it takes with just a degree to get a job in the states.
I've been lurking through this subreddit for a long time. From what I've learned, the criterias include Leetcode, project experiences and some sociability. I apologize if I missed some.
My question is is that really it? Or because I'm in a different circumstance my case would be different and I need to try harder? By working harder, what should I focus on and look to improve? What are the advice in general you would give to a person in my scenario?
Thank you so much!
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2021.10.17 06:05 RightInTheH Chicharito scores vs Portland

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2021.10.17 06:05 Milon727 [27 M] Not sure if this goes here, but sometimes I just be feelin myself. Feel free to roast me.

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2021.10.17 06:05 Sohel0000 Very interesting photo

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2021.10.17 06:05 443610 *spoilers* UFC Vegas 40 bonuses

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2021.10.17 06:05 smpark12 This is a fun one tho

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2021.10.17 06:05 Memethi3f42 Berserk Music mod?

Does anyone know of any mods that add Guts theme from Berserk into Skyrim ? Or a main menu music replacer ?
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2021.10.17 06:05 BreadfruitRealistic7 Favorite Milky Chance song?

Whats your favorite Milky Chance song?
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2021.10.17 06:05 AlienDude65 Redditors who waited till marriage: Were you disappointed?

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2021.10.17 06:05 Interstellar09 Just stopped working to finish my degree. I’ve realized that being a student is way easier than working, especially in regards to workplace politics

I’ve worked various jobs for about 7 years, I’m still in my early 20s. I’m realizing that jobs are 90% politics and 10% of the actual work.
Dealing with politics, even if you’re not directly involved in them is just exhausting and extremely stressful.. does anyone else agree?
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2021.10.17 06:05 nopeaceonlypassion1 Any workbench recs that would fit this space? Could fit something 84''W and up to 24-36''D ideally

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2021.10.17 06:05 XenoVX Conversation from someone with a friend who has insider with Mihoyo suggesting Shenhe is coming in 2.4 and is a cryo catalyst. Explanation of his reliability in the comments.

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2021.10.17 06:05 MythicCell Detailed Collette and Shelly pins!

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2021.10.17 06:05 therealswigstein After 2,000 Years, Am Yisroel Has Returned to Live Next to Kever Rachel In Beit Lechem!

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2021.10.17 06:05 FilipinoFast1723 if you find a case box, would you either find a regular TH or a STH, or is there a chance to find both?

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2021.10.17 06:05 Heffa31 Dusk | Leica M6 | Voigtlander Ultron f1.7 35mm | Kodak Ultramax 400

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2021.10.17 06:05 therealswigstein Now 41, NY Man Who Killed 4-Year-Old At Age 13 Granted Parole

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2021.10.17 06:05 tick_tick_tick_tick Ferrari Monza SP1 - 2020- Blackhawk Museum, Danville, CA. [4032 X 3024]

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Twitter mod pls
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2021.10.17 06:05 chris10909 This is so messed up i can't get the full photo but the entire thing is messed up

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2021.10.17 06:05 UncleCeiling Going Native, Chapter 19 (Part 1)

Read Chapter 1 Here
Previous Chapter Here
So I had originally planned to gloss over this a little bit, but a few readers were excited to know exactly how Elera and Ayen's amateur medicine show panned out. To that end, this chapter is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. It's a graphic (and somewhat inaccurate) description of what Elera and Ayen do in an attempt to save Stace's life. It's summarized at the beginning of Part 2, which will be posted as soon as I am done posting this.
Anyway, enjoy!
Before they started, Elera wanted to take one last look at Stace's left foot. If it somehow had been healing, looked better, they might not have to commit to the surgery. There wasn't really any hope of that, but it was worth investigating. It's not like she or Ayen actually wanted to cut up their human.
As soon as the bandages started winding back, she knew it was a terrible idea. The smell was nausea inducing, and the heel of Stace's foot was black, with edges that had pulled back from the angry red skin around it. Pus oozed out from those edges. At that point, Elera was certain the foot had to come off, but curiosity kept her keep going. When she got to the toes, the bandage wasn't moving.
:Give it a tug,: Ayen suggested. :It's probably just stuck.:
:...What else did you expect me to do?: Elera gave a firm pull and the bandage came off with with an odd ripping sensation. Looking at the toes revealed why, and next thing Elera knew she was heaving into a bucket. The toes were black and twisted, but the second and third toes had been stuck to the bandage. Her tug had ripped them clear, and in their place were two little stubs of yellow, decayed bone. A quick glance to the bandage showed the black remnants of the missing digits, then she was back in the bucket.
When Elera finally felt emptied out, she looked up at Ayen. His skin was so pale it almost looked pink and he was holding a bucket of his own, though the little man had managed to avoid actually using it. He swallowed, then let out a quiet :let's not do that again.:
:Agreed.: Elera took her bucket and dragged it into the vestibule so they wouldn't have to smell the acrid odor of her sick. While she did, she considered just how out of their depths the pair were. This was off to a bad start, and Stace's life was on the line. Thankfully, he hadn't said anything about the vomiting. He was just lying there, tense and sweating, a piece of leather clenched between his teeth.
:Alright, you fill the syringes and I'll get the tourniquet set.: Marin wrapped the strap around Stace's leg a few centimetres below the knee and set it in place, then grabbed the windlass and threaded it in. It was a cylinder made of hard plastic that could be wound tighter and tighter. Once it was tight enough to cut off blood flow, the windlass would slide into a hook on the strap, securing it so it could not unwind on its own. This was a very low-tech solution, but without it Stace would bleed out as soon as they started.
Tightening the windlass was heartbreaking for Elera. This was the first time she had hurt Stace since she bruised his wrist in her first panicked moments of wakefulness. As she wound it tighter, Stace whimpered and moaned into the leather bitepiece. Still, every twist was a little more insurance that he wouldn't die.
Tourniquet set, Elera watched as Ayen first cleaned the area with iodine, then began injecting the lidocaine / epinephrine combination along where the first cuts would be. His hands were surprisingly steady, but Elera noticed that the small male's face was only one or two steps below panic. With that done, it was time for the real work to begin.
The first cut was a long curve, a deep smile carved halfway around his leg. The skin and what little fat Stace had under it split easily under the sharp scalpel, and Elera wiped away the odd red blood using a piece of cloth moistened with boiled water. The same was repeated on the underside of the leg, resulting in what would eventually turn into two flaps they could staple together over the end of the stump. Ayen switched to a new syringe and began injecting lidocaine deeper, going directly into the meat and tissue below.
At this point, Elera decided to check on Stace. His eyes were squeezed closed, but aside from that he was breathing steadily. The lidocaine had helped so far, it seemed. She reached out to ruffle his hair, then noticed the bright red blood on her hands and decided against it. Focus, Elera. Focus.
Back to work. Elera rinsed off her hands, then began the difficult process of pulling the skin back up the leg. As she held it, Ayen began another set of curved cuts, this time into the musculature and sinew. The goal was to make two flaps of muscle the same way they had made two flaps of skin, but farther up the leg so the skin would cover the muscle. It was at this point that the shaking started.
Stace was twisting involuntarily, letting out groans of pain that only got louder as the scalpel went deeper. The human was breathing fast, but the ropes held. Finally, Elera could see the bone.
The lower leg on a human has two bones, a thicker one in front and a thinner behind and towards the inside of the body. Both of these had to be sawed through, and the tool for the job was a loop of serrated stainless steel wire Stace used for sawing through thin trees and animal bones. Elera grabbed the muscle, the meat of the leg and PUSHED, sliding it up along the bone and exposing more.
Stace screamed.
Elera tried to ignore the sound, feeling the ache deep down as Ayen looped the wire around the tibia and started pulling back and forth. He was trying to saw the bone as square as possible and as far up as he could. If they did this right, the muscle would cover the bone and the skin would cover the muscle. Ayen was about halfway through the bone when the screaming stopped. A quick glance showed that Stace was barely conscious, breathing hard and shivering. As long as he was still alive, they had to keep going.
Ayen waited for Elera's nod before continuing onto the fibula. This bone went a lot faster, and with a final tug of the wire Stace's lower leg fell away with a thud as the meaty weight flopped off the supporting box and hit the floor. The pair of Shil'vati stopped to look at each other and catch their breath.
:What's next?: Ayen asked, looking at the tablet Elera had placed on the table next to Stace.
:We need to get the big arteries tied off or he'll bleed internally as soon as we pull the tourniquet.: The diagrams on the tablet made it look so easy, but all Elera could see was a raw mass of meat.
:Shit...do you know where they are? I can't find anything in this mess.: Ayen was poking around the soft tissues with a finger, which elicited a long, low groan from Stace. Some water and more wiping from Elera didn't help. The sutures were ready, those long silver clamps called hemostats were ready to go, but they just couldn't find the damn things.
:I don't see them either. They should be about here.: Elera pointed, but all that was there was more raw, red tissue. She was afraid to touch it.
:Well, we have to do something. Check if Stace is awake and ask him.:
Elera was dumbstruck by the suggestion. :We're in the middle of cutting off his leg and you want me to ask him for advice?:
:First, we already cut off his leg. Second, it's either that or we sew him up and he dies anyway. I will keep looking. Ask him.:
Stace's eyes were still squeezed shut and Elera could see wetness dripping from the corners. The leather bit in his mouth was soaking wet and every breath seemed to come in as a gasp and out as a moan. She rinsed her hands, then gently grabbed the bit and pulled. The human obligingly opened his mouth, then gasped, his eyes opening and meeting hers.
"Is it finished?" The question was raspy, almost a whisper.
"Not yet. We have the leg removed, but we can't find the arteries we need to tie off." No response, Stace's eyes just started sliding closed again. "Stace?" Elera grabbed his shoulders and shook gently. "Stace, talk to me. What do we do?"
His eyes opened again and Stace was looking at her again. Weakly, he began to speak. "You're very pretty, you know that?" Elera could feel her whole body flush warm, but she knew he wasn't all there. They needed Stace, and they needed him focused.
Elera's slap wasn't particularly hard, but the sharp hiss of pain from Stace also seemed to have some accompanying clarity. "Stace. We need to tie off the arteries in your leg but we can't find them. What do we do?"
After a moment, Stace had a solution. "Loosen the tourniquet. Look for the bleeding." With that, the human let his eyes slip closed again.
Well, that was certainly a solution. Elera replaced the chewed up piece of leather into Stace's mouth and turned to Ayen.
:We need to loosen the tourniquet so we can see where the blood is coming from.:
Ayen nodded. :Just a second or two so we can identify it. I'll look, you take care of the tourniquet.:
The plastic windlass felt slick in Elera's sweaty hands as she turned it tighter, then unhooked it. She was not expecting it to spring backwards as soon as it was clear, and before Elera knew it she was fumbling and then she could hear the plastic rod skittering on the floor.
:Shit! shit shit shit shit!: She started glancing around the room desperately as the blood came out of Stace's leg in great spurts, soaking Ayen and the floor. His own profanity echoed her own, and he tried to block the flow with his hands.
Elera continued to look, her mind spinning. If she didn't solve this NOW, Stace was dead. Her eyes came upon the spare tourniquet, still in its packaging. Her strong fingers shredded the thin plastic wrapping and in moments she had the new strap around his leg, twisting the windlass brutally. This time, no sound from Stace accompanied the fabric strap digging in. She could hear Ayen fumbling, followed by the ratcheting clicks first one, then another hemostat closing.
Ayen's panic was clear in his voice, the words trembling from his mouth. :Is he still alive?:
With the tourniquet secured, they both walked around the table to look. The human was horrifically, terrifyingly pale, nearly the same color as the screen on their pads. For a moment, the pair stood around silently, listening to the faint but obvious sounds of his breathing.
:Did it work?:
Ayen nodded. :I got everything clamped. Just need to stitch them closed.: He let out a theatrically loud sigh. :Let's never take any of Stace's advice ever again.:
Elera dumped water over the stump and Ayen started running the suture needles, starting with the arteries and working outward. Elera's hands, now filthy with blood, held the flaps of soft tissue closed while Ayen continued to work the needle and its dissolvable thread, each stitch with its own knot and completely separate from the others. It was slow going, but finally Elera was able to hold the two flaps of skin together while Ayen used the medical stapler again and again, each *thunk* releasing a tiny stainless steel barb that squeezed the wound shut. The task was done and Elera grabbed the windlass with both hands before slowly, carefully, loosening the tourniquet.
Nothing happened except for a quiet moan from an unconscious Stace.
The pair of Shil'vati let out a cheer and hugged each other, not caring about the blood on their clothing. Elera squeezed Ayen tight and tried to catch her breath.
One down, one to go.
The coppery tang of blood filled the cabin, so thick he could taste it. Ayen didn't think he would ever be able to purge the smell, or the sight of Stace's life spurting out onto the floor, from his mind for the rest of his life. He desperately wanted a drink. What he needed was a hug from Marin. If he was ever going to see her again, they had to finish this. They needed Stace. HE needed Stace.
Elera secured the tourniquet (come on, get your shit together) on Stace's right leg, just above the ankle. While she did that, Ayen unwrapped the foot until he had everything exposed except the toes. He was NOT going to look at those things and he was NOT going to think about what he saw with the other foot. It didn't happen.
They were out of lidocaine, but Stace didn't do more than whimper when Ayen ran the scalpel through the skin over the top of his foot, perpendicular and close to the ankle. The incision continued down to the underside, where Ayen turned it so that he could cut a U-shaped flap that reached forward to the arch. Once the rest of the foot was removed, this flap would be folded up to cover the front of his foot. A small part of Ayen's brain wondered if touching the skin would feel like someone was touching the bottom of your foot. Would it be ticklish? He would have to ask Stace later.
Focus, Ayen. You're going into shock, but that's okay. You just need to finish the job first.
The key to a Chopart amputation, according to Elera's notes, was to essentially remove everything forward of the heel. Stace's foot would be going from twenty-six bones to two, leaving only the talus (lower ankle) and calcaneus (heel) bones. Like the transtibial amputation, they would have to make sure to leave plenty of extra skin to stitch up. Unlike the transtibial amputation, this one actually went smoothly.
Once Elera pulled the skin flaps back for him, it was easy for Ayen to find the joints and work the scalpel down, slicing through connective tissues and cartilage until the front of Stace's right foot fell to the floor with a much quieter thunk. A few of the arteries that might be problematic were so small that they were difficult to stitch, so Ayen did what he saw Stace do for Elera and burned them with the hot tip of a scalpel.
Looking at the flap, Ayen decided to switch to non-dissolvable thread and use stitches instead of staples. There were some funny angles and it just seemed like it would hold better. After what felt like dozens of stitches, his hands were trembling with pain. Stace hadn't made a sound, but according to Elera he was still breathing.
With trembling hands of her own, Elera removed the tourniquet and they wound meters of bandages around the two surgical sites. When they were done Stace's legs seemed to end in white spheres of cloth, one much shorter than the other.
Ayen was certain, to the very depth of his heart, that he could never, ever do anything like that again.
"Do you think he'll make it?" Elera asked, a very unfeminine fear in her voice.
Ayen barely managed a smile. "He'd better, or I'll kick his ass."
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This is a fanfic that takes place in the “Between Worlds” universe (aka Sexy Space Babes), created and owned by u/BlueFishcake. No ownership of the settings or core concepts is expressed or implied by myself.
This is for fun. Can’t you just have fun?
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