Just a good boss for this sub

2021.10.17 04:38 Yeysha Just a good boss for this sub

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2021.10.17 04:38 LioneFish I find it easier to play against high rep players

I’m trying to learn Kensei but I can’t play duels, I perform better when I play against 50~ rep and I get my balls crushed when I play against my fellow 2 rep grubs. Why is that?
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2021.10.17 04:38 G01denW01f11 Questions about my first conference

Hi, I'm going to a conference in a couple weeks, and had a couple questions about it:

  1. I heard that people drink alcohol at conferences. Is there a good way to avoid drunk people?
  2. I heard that conferences have networking. I don't see anything about that in the schedule. Is there anything I should be looking for to find the networking?
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2021.10.17 04:38 tmaddictt 2021 All Star Reunion Show

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2021.10.17 04:38 Spider30916 It’s time

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2021.10.17 04:38 goddamn66 Viih Tube

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2021.10.17 04:38 InitialBluejay9 Marlon Chaplin - Try (2021)

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2021.10.17 04:38 khandoras Nice pottery result (?)

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2021.10.17 04:38 gamersecret2 $97 Off ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17, 360Hz IPS FHD, RTX 3080, 130W TGP, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16GB 1TB, for $2,602.03 - early Black Friday Deal

$97 Off ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17, 360Hz IPS FHD, RTX 3080, 130W TGP, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16GB 1TB, for $2,602.03 - early Black Friday Deal submitted by gamersecret2 to GamingPCDeal [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 04:38 TooLazyToLope Hardest 'challenge/thing' in two years of playing is create Rad Ant beer.

I have visited power stations countless times. I have done Tea Time countless times. 4 + days and no any meat ANYWHERE. No vendors, no events. I cam close tonight at Tea Time but there was a hero that had to one shot the two ants that eventually did appear. It's tough to get meat from green goo.
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2021.10.17 04:38 Kannibalkomodo Wtt superior thresher base

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2021.10.17 04:38 Esus9 “Call On Me” by Enchantment from the Deliver Us From Evil OST

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2021.10.17 04:38 jvazquez95 what is your favorite Sho Hayami Role? mine is Baran from Dragon Quest.

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2021.10.17 04:38 PeppermintPancakes Puff sits on her throne, displaying her majestic floof

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2021.10.17 04:38 bot_neen CdMx está de fiesta de gala porque el lunes entra a semáforo verde, dice Sheinbaum

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2021.10.17 04:38 Gama_matus2 WTT: Svix terra trainer for a chab, or a good clone shoot your offers

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2021.10.17 04:38 jj262 why is it so hard to date you guys? I am just venting

I am an 29M (ISTJ) dating an INFP (F29).
I have been dating her for more than two months and the rate at which she is opening up is so slow and she is teaching me to be patient.
Initially, we met through a dating app and had a great time texting nonstop first week before we met in person and she has been texting less and less, and gets frustrating. She is busy with moving and finding mortgage, so I haven't asked how she feels about it.
I have been dying to hold her hands, but she doesn't like PDA and doesn't share her emotion with me and I resort to asking her "do you like spending time with me?"
I can see that she is also putting efforts because she wants us to go to baking class together after her move.
However, I helped her buy a condo and loved that she tells me how her house hunt is going and shows me photos of the units, and check out furniture stores together.
I can tell that she likes me, but she never verbally say it... I think that's what makes me keep going out with her.
You guys are a tough nut to crack, but I know it's gonna be worth it...
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2021.10.17 04:38 TomatoChemist Have you palette swapped a modular? Let’s see it!

I’m looking at building some of the older modulars - particularly the parisian restaurant - and I’d like to see any color palette swaps people have done. I know there’s an article out there cataloging some palette swap ideas but I’d like to see other fans’ creations!
The oldest set I have is the brick bank which I kept as is when I parted it through bricklink.
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2021.10.17 04:38 linyuxin147 A lovely steak with a lovely wine

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2021.10.17 04:38 memesfordreamsbois I want a license by the end of this year

I'm a 23 year old guy and the power of responsibility is overwhelming right now. I feel so unreliable because I don't have a car or a girlfriend or anything because I have to walk every day to work. I can't rely on my family because they're afraid of my independence. I just want to move on and make progress with my life. Having a car is a huge responsibility and the burden is to bear with later on. Right now I've asked countless strangers to help and of course Id love to pay. it wouldn't be much but I have to make progress somehow.
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2021.10.17 04:38 the-ding-dong-man I need help playing local battle

Im tryna play local battle and when i try to connect both controllers on my xbox it only shows as only 1 player even though both controllers are on. They both are able to move the player 1. Im just tryna play local battle
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2021.10.17 04:38 No-Calligrapher-8600 NA Player looking for people to play with casually.

Heyo, I'm just looking for people to play with because playing alone all the time has gotten pretty boring. If you wanna play feel free to dm me!
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2021.10.17 04:38 thoughtstop Remember Alf? He's back...in pog form.

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2021.10.17 04:38 EmilytheValiant 25 [F4M] Cleveland, OH Area - If there's nothing but pain , put it on me

Hi there 😊 Don't mind me, I love some good vibes.
I am just bored, looking to make new friends, talk about video games (I play on XB1), suggest some cool music to each other, and maybe talk about our traumas (just kidding....unless 👉👈). I need human connection in my life, the Quarantine has made my mental state decline like my respect for Republicans.
Really though. I'm just a a regular person living in a pandemic like everyone else. I work for in healthcare sales, so I just want to have people to talk to that aren't mad at me all day. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I offer nothing more than intelligent conversations, unrealistic notions, and deep seeded daddy issues™️. I promise if you get to know me, you'll find those traits to be endearing and a pain in the ass. I've got hair that's a a deep purple, river rock eyes, and I'm pretty much chunky everywhere. Fat Girl Fall is my favorite time of year, but I do love a nice day in the warm sun.
You can catch me on Fallout 76, maybe even some Apex Legends these days, listening to Post Malone, Zeppelin, and Circa Survive. I'm a clingy heathen, with a big heart and a whole lotta love.
I am attached, do with that what you will!
Message me, and let's be friends or something. 😘 Send me something cool about you! Also - I like to trade pics pretty quick and be open to hanging out and/ calls/ video chat.
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2021.10.17 04:38 Zeki67 Trouble with my kishi gamepad

For some reason the left side won't work when i play any sort of game, so i tested it using a gamepad tester and its working fine, i dont know what else it can be. I also try updating it but that didnt work either Please help :,(
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