End of mission, damage felt stats; what do the small stars above the numbers mean (look on OneDecayedDonut)

2021.10.17 06:16 BalancesHanging End of mission, damage felt stats; what do the small stars above the numbers mean (look on OneDecayedDonut)

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2021.10.17 06:16 billyhatcher312 i wanted to buy this for a while and suddenly its sold out what the hell

ive been wanting to buy the valve index for a while and once i got to the money on my steam wallet its suddenly sold out did they kill the valve index or did they make a new one
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2021.10.17 06:16 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) S LAS VEGAS BLVD / E TROPICANA AVE 10/16/2021 9:03:11 PM incident #LLV211000068469
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2021.10.17 06:16 FegheaM [Mortal Kombat X]#64 very fun game, this is the first fighter that I like, is injustice 2 and MK11 as good as X? I saw videos and I kinda don’t like MK11 graphics.

[Mortal Kombat X]#64 very fun game, this is the first fighter that I like, is injustice 2 and MK11 as good as X? I saw videos and I kinda don’t like MK11 graphics. submitted by FegheaM to Trophies [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 06:16 Straight_Industry_62 How to reduce zoom data consumption? The data is going to be capped just for next week.

Let’s say I need to attend a meeting but want to reduce my data consumption as much as possible. Is it true that simply leaving the zoom app page and leaving it on audio only and reduces my data usage to only 15 mb per hour? Also any other advice to reduce my usage? I already considered using zoom through my cellular plan, but I realized I’m probably not going to have access to do that next week as well.
Sorry if any of this is obvious I’m not familiar with this type of stuff.
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2021.10.17 06:16 SlippersEC Is It Even Possible To Build Muscle Over 50? - Strength After 50.com

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2021.10.17 06:16 rutiope I have made peace with my life

I think my time is up here. I am nervous but a little relieved because I’m too exhausted to keep going forward.
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2021.10.17 06:16 ComfortableCulture83 Current All Time Highest Score (Casual)

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2021.10.17 06:16 857go i found fard reference on roblo!!!!111!!!!!!

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2021.10.17 06:16 Ability1984 What’s your current perception of the steering yoke? All refreshed Tesla Model S and X globally now only come with steering yoke, and Tesla is considering bringing the steering yoke to more models in the future (in anticipation of Autopilot/FSD being more actively used).

View Poll
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2021.10.17 06:16 Supergupo Is the update tomorrow or the next day?

I need to see how dirty IS did my boy Sedgar. I'm pretty sure it's tomorrow, but I want to make sure.
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2021.10.17 06:16 ricardojavier1980 Modern Dating Compilation #3 (TikTok) #dating

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2021.10.17 06:16 crab_in_heels beta.pushshift.io aggs parameter not working?

This endpoint returns an aggregations property in the JSON response, but it's completely empty. What am I doing wrong?
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2021.10.17 06:16 space_wiener Is My PiHole Actually Blocking Anything?

I hate to make a thread just for this but I don’t have anyone else to ask.
I just got everything set up. It was a bit tricky as I have an ATT gateway that doesn’t allow dns forwarding. But it’s working…
I can see a bunch of things being denied via the dashboard - way more than I’d expect. However in reality I’m not sure what’s exactly being blocked as it seems the same as before.
For example this website: ksl.com. They are consistent with their ads so I used them as a test.
Every 4-5 news articles there will be an ad along with one at the top. These don’t appear to be served from their domain so as I understand it those should be blocked. Here are my results.
If I use brave (both on my phone and laptop) all of the ads are blocked fine. I don’t see them at all.
If I use Firefox (right out of the box no additional add ons) I see all of the ads. Nothing is blocked.
I’d assume is brave is blocking them pihole should? I’ve checked a couple other sites and they seem to be the same.
So I don’t get it. The dashboard is showing a lot being blocked, but I can’t tell.
If anyone with a working setup do you gets ads from above?
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2021.10.17 06:16 Flex_loofah Just a dump about my personal experience dealing with mental health issues

I was probably around 17/18 (4/5 years ago) when I first recognised I was struggling with mental health issues. I was totally ruining my life, I skipped half my classes getting high or staying home and it ultimately resulted in me getting kicked out of education. As someone who's always aspired to achieve great things in life it was an incredibly dark and difficult time and I questioned myself constantly.
I've never had a great relationship with my family, my parents are divorced and I was never particularly close with either of them at any point in my childhood, I didn't have any close friends either mostly due to the fact I spent all my time doing drugs with whoever was down to get high. For the most part I kept everything bottled up and tried to fix things myself. I had a basic understanding of mental health from studying psychology at college and I later spent a lot of time researching on my own, more time than I'd spent on any of my studies whilst I was actually in education. At the time it helped me to identify and understand some of my behaviour but I chose to ignore the advice to seek professional help, this was a crucial mistake. I was young naive and I'd never come across a problem I couldn't fix myself.
As I began to struggle more and more it got to a point where I couldn't bottle it up anymore. I noticed myself talking to my "friends" more about my mental health and how I wanted to turn my life around; I wanted to get my life together more than anything but they just couldn't relate. Venting helped relieve some of the stress but it definitely didn't help my relationships at all. People either couldn't understand or weren't interested and soon people stopped taking me seriously, losing their respect for me and seeing me as weak. A similar thing happened with my family, I needed help but they weren't able to give me any because they just didn't understand what I was going through, even though some of them believed they did at the time. My parents blamed my problems on drugs instead of recognising it was a symptom not a cause - I was punished and judged for it with total disregard for anything else I was going through. I already hated myself for the way I was living and their judgement only made things harder to deal with.
I've never posted anything like this before (hence the fresh throwaway) but I'm now pretty much totally alone and I wanted get some of this off my chest and also potentially help others learn from my mistakes. I'd also just like to share some advice I wish I'd of heard when I was younger.
If you're struggling with your mental health, don't beat yourself up over it, it's hard to deal with and that's something we need to learn to accept.
Find the right people to share your problems with, I'd highly recommend a professional or someone you don't have a relationship with - the more qualified the better. If you're a young person and you're unable to do this yourself, find someone to help you whether its a family member, teacher or even just ask in a related subreddit. If you're really stuck and you don't know who to turn to drop me a message and I'll help you in anyway I can.
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2021.10.17 06:16 mourning_alc Walking alone at night

Tonight I went for a walk, not necessarily out of the norm. But it is fall and getting dark earlier(I don’t have time during daylight because of work and life). Just for a walk around the neighborhood , I had pepper spray, an alarm, a flashlight, and my phone set to call emergency numbers. Even with all these, I was still imagining worst case scenarios in my mind the whole walk based on past experiences. Just venting here but it made me sad and mad to realize how much I have to go through just for a short walk on a lovely night.
Was talking to a couple male friends afterwards and they seemed completely shocked that this was normal for me to carry all of that for a walk in my own neighborhood.
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2021.10.17 06:16 fairypond For people who voted the Glare

In round 2 im curious what did you guys vote for since your favorite mob got eliminated?
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2021.10.17 06:16 Spiritual-Function Rimuru's green polka dot hoodie

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2021.10.17 06:16 Idkausername111 Growing up with alcoholic parents.

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, if it’s not please delete this. This is going to be long and probably just a bunch of word vomit because I don’t talk about it much.
My (22f) parents (51f & 48m) have been alcoholics for as long as I can remember. They used to bring me and my older brothers to their friends’ houses, party it up, get drunk, and drive us home in the wee hours of the morning. Their friends would come over to our house and I remember hanging out all night with them at like 6 years old thinking it was so cool to be able to stay up late with adults unlike my friends, who had bedtimes.
My dad and I always had a very close relationship, as I was his only child (my brothers have a different dad than me). I used to look back fondly on my childhood, remembering my dad and I sitting out in his man cave listening and singing to music until late on school nights. We would do everything together, go fishing, hunting, driving around, whatever he was doing I was right by his side.
And now that I have a child, I realize the man I loved so much growing up, the man that was my hero, my everything, who I looked up to, is a very bad alcoholic who is slowly killing himself in front of me. Now I look back at my childhood and see a whole different side of things since I’m old enough to understand. I look back and see my little self, probably 8 years old, begging my dad to go inside the house and go to bed because he was so drunk he was passing out and I was worried he would fall out of his chair and hit his head. I remember it being dead winter and he had fallen asleep, so I brought in wood and stocked the fire in the stove so at least he would be warm, I’d grab a blanket and fall asleep on the chair, never leaving his side, because I was making sure he was okay.
I had very bad stomach aches around this time too, up until high school I would get them. They would be agonizing, my parents blamed it on gas, now I realize I only got them when I would worry about them, which was all of the time. I’m guessing it had something to do with anxiety, I’m still not 100% sure but that’s what I can come up with.
My mother is also in the same boat, always drinking. We’ve had our differences throughout the years, I think most of it stems from me not having someone I can talk to like most people have with their mother. I remember being in like 2nd grade and getting off the bus and coming inside to a very drunk mom. I asked her if we could go outside and go for a walk or play and she said “not right now I’m busy”. As she cracked open yet another beer and sat down to watch whatever was on tv that night. I asked her if maybe after that beer we could go, she said maybe, 15 minutes later I hear her get up. I hurry and put my shoes on thinking we’re going to go outside and I hear another can crack open. My heart sank, so I went in there and asked her if she could please stop drinking so much. She says “I’m a god damn adult and I will not have a kid tell me what I can and can’t do.” I don’t think I ever asked her to play with me after that.
Cut to my 8th grade year, wintertime, it’s volleyball season. We went to an away game, my dad wasn’t going to be at the game, I believe he had to work. My mom assured me she would be there. It’s the 3rd round of varsity, I’m up to serve, it’s 11-14, we’re losing, if I miss this serve we lose. I’m looking around for my mom, or anyone for that matter to be there to support me, nobody. I serve the ball, we get the point. It’s so quiet in the gym, I hear the doors open and I see my mom stumble into the gym, my heart sinks. I serve the ball and it goes over, all I can hear is my mom being utterly obnoxious, the score is 13-14 and all I want to do is miss this serve so the game will be over and my mom won’t embarrass me any more. I end up getting the next 3 serves over and we win the game.
I go to the locker room and change as fast as I can when I hear one of my teammates say “yeah, I think she’s drunk”. I run out the door and tell my mom “let’s go”. My principal and my coach stop me as I’m walking out and they practically beg me to ride the bus instead of ride with my mom. But, I knew it was snowing and I was sure if I rode the bus my mom was going to wreck and die, so I went with my mom. About a mile down the road she’s swerving all over the place, so I tell her to stop and let me drive. I don’t know where we are or how to get home, no phones with gps, just hope that my mom’s directions will actually get us home. Of course we have to take country roads to get home, and of course, we get lost, slide into a ditch, and I, a 13 year old girl, has to go knock on a strangers door and ask for help. Finally we walk through my front door at 3am to my dad absolutely livid at my mom and 4 missed calls from my principal asking if I had made it home. I didn’t talk to my mom for a month after this.
There are countless other instances that both of my parents were drunk for, there wasn’t a day of my childhood that I can remember my parents not drinking. At the time I thought it was normal, and now I resent them for it. We never did anything fun, never went to the zoo or the aquarium, no water parks, hell we were lucky if they took us to Walmart to go grocery shopping. All they wanted to do was drink at home, or at friends’ houses, or go booze cruising with their friends and me in the car.
I’m not sure if recently it’s worse or if I’m just more aware, but I am so scared for their health. The day before my baby shower, we were decorating and my mom got so drunk she told my MIL she didn’t even want to be in the room when my daughter was born and that she could take her spot (I had already made up my mind that nobody would be in the room besides me and my SO). She also doesn’t remember anything that happened that night, she practically reacted like it was a surprise birthday party when she walked in the next day and saw the decorations that she had already seen the night before. I wonder how many other moments of my life she doesn’t remember.
My dad eats with us every Sunday, and he doesn’t drink while he is here. But, I see him shaking so badly and I know it’s withdrawals from not drinking for 12 hours or so. His memory is so bad, he will tell us the same story multiple times within a week. I worry my daughter won’t grow up with her grandparents, my mom’s sister died from liver failure a few years back as a result of her alcoholism. I have tried everything I can possibly think of that isn’t fully sending them to a rehabilitation facility because I know they would never speak to me again. I’ve tried calmly talking, yelling, crying, threatening to move out at 16 and never speak to them again, telling them what their consequences will be for their health, explaining that one night while driving home drunk you may hit someone head on and kill them and it could very well be me in that other car. I just don’t know what else to do.
Now that I’m out of the house it doesn’t effect me as much, but I think it’s gotten worse sense I moved out because they don’t have someone nagging about it all the time. What’s so infuriating is 1) they don’t remember anything that I tell them they’ve done when I talk to them about how their alcohol problems have messed me up. And 2) they’re upstanding grandparents to my daughter. I’ve set boundaries and told them if they ever watch her and I come over to even one single beer opened, they will never see her again. The way I see them with my daughter is something I never got to experience as a child, and it makes me feel worthless.
I’m not sure what I wanted out of this. Mostly just to get it out finally after 22 years. Maybe to let others know if you’re in a similar situation that you’re not alone. Maybe for those of you who are trying to find the right reason to stop drinking, if you have kids, this is your reason. Also, to see if anyone has any advice to get through to them.
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2021.10.17 06:16 ReRokk I completely forgot the name of the eye on this and how to rig it, I’ve been using tear drops but have because I’ve been getting snagged, I switched it up

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2021.10.17 06:16 LarryJr-K My wife has raised 8 children, that are now aged 17-29. All Larry can say is WOW. (When I took this pic tonight I told her I was doing this). How did I get so lucky🤷‍♂️

My wife has raised 8 children, that are now aged 17-29. All Larry can say is WOW. (When I took this pic tonight I told her I was doing this). How did I get so lucky🤷‍♂️ submitted by LarryJr-K to Marriage [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 06:16 RenegadeDubYT ADRENALINE CSGO Montage

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2021.10.17 06:16 Lutzkhie Shadow of War: 100gb? Here's the deal Ill only download half to play (tip for those about to download)

I recently finished Shadow of Mordor and moving on to Shadow of War when the100gb download slapped me in the face... its not an issue if only I'm not the country with very slow net speed so here's what I did to drop the size to 34ish gb (50gb including all languages)

  1. Download a P!r@t3d Copy from f!tGurl (okay wait, hear me out I legit bought the game they compressed it very well)
  2. Install the P-Copy then copy the game to \steamapps\common\ShadowofWar
  3. Download this AppManifest (we will be editing that)
  1. Game files and the AppManifest is now on the Steam Folder, next step restart Steam and you'll see an update, it'll update Shadow of War but only a few gigs depends if you downloaded all languages from f!tGurl wait for to finish...
  2. It is now installed BUT it is still a P-Copy, now we go inside the ShadowofWar\x64 folder and delete the following (or just delete everything in there its just a few mbs)
  1. Do a File Integrity Check to redownload the files we deleted (also we deleted those because those were the cr@ck3d files we don't want that on a legitimate copy)
  2. Enjoy.... at least you tone down the download to a half

PS: AppManifest is only used to force steam to recognize a game file directory, it is only useful to those who bought the game, there is no malicious intent to it. so please be kind when someone ask for an appmanifest (just delete your "LastOwner" line)
PPS: to JD777 of SteamCommunity, thanks for the manifest...
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2021.10.17 06:16 stranded_patriot Anyone know where these two images are from?

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2021.10.17 06:16 Zaemz We got a Bean! That's her name. Here she is passed out on the floor after her first day home with us.

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