Milo Eldegoss Skin Mock Up

2021.10.23 06:59 wikibeck Milo Eldegoss Skin Mock Up

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2021.10.23 06:59 anarmyfor9991days is UoA nursing hard to get in ?

BNur intakes 100 students every year. So is it required to have straight A's? also, do you need a portfolio?
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2021.10.23 06:59 SibylOFTheAbyss Stop pretending that identity politics killed Occupy Wall Street. OWS failed because its leadership was corrupt and they refused to recognize the concerns of minorities. Solidarity doesn't mean telling minorities to shut up.

Stop pretending that identity politics killed Occupy Wall Street. OWS failed because its leadership was corrupt and they refused to recognize the concerns of minorities. Solidarity doesn't mean telling minorities to shut up. submitted by SibylOFTheAbyss to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 06:59 Virtual_Maize3495 What is a pick up line that actully worked for you?

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2021.10.23 06:59 busted_bunny Can I use RTX voice feature applied to only certain audio source?

For example, I want to apply RTX Voice noise reduction for outcoming audio from discord (to supress noise from my friends), while everything else is supposed to use my normal Sound Blaster Output, without suppression to them. Is it possible? Anyone tried it?
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2021.10.23 06:59 ShortyTheStripes What’s the best app to get into dating?

(M-21) I’m from Mexico and I’ve tried tinder… my experience on tinder wasn’t good enough, I mean yeah you date but you only have options if you put money into it. So… what’s the best app to date? In your opinion
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2021.10.23 06:59 Adorable_Seat_6825 🏅 DUCK GOLD COIN 🏅 Stealth Launch 🏅 Listed On PancakeSwap🏅Liquidity locked 🏅

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2021.10.23 06:59 Danger_Is_Real Narrative Mass Combat Rules

OSR Mass Combat
A fast-paced system to simulate the chaos of battle, focusing on the actions of the players involved.
Each turn, players can attempt an action to give their side an advantage. The resolution of this action is at the GM's discretion, it will usually be the narrative and heroic part of the battle.

Battle Points (BP)
Each army has a total of Battle Points (BP) equal to: Number of creatures * HD * Number of attacks
10 Centaurs (4 HD & 3 attacks) = 120 BP
30 Bandits (1 HD & 1 attack) = 30 BP
Each army has a morale score equal to that of the most representative creatures in its composition
An army of 80 Goblins led by 20 Bugbears will have a morale equal to that of a Goblin
Battle turns
Each turn lasts 10 minutes.
1. Calculate the difference in BP between the two sides.
2. Make a morale roll (2d6 <= ML) if a side lost 30%, then 60% of its BP in the previous turn or when a general died. If a side fails 2 morale rolls, it is routed.
3. Resolution of the action of the players (battlefield objectives, manoeuvres, single combat between 'heroes', magic, interactions with NPCs).
4. Each side roll a d12 modified as follows:
Situations Modifier
- BP advantage +1 / 10 BP
- terrain advantage +1
- surprise +1
- failed morale roll(cumulative) -1
- success of player's action(cumulative) +2
- failed player's action (cumulative) -1
5. Calculate the difference between the results times 10. This is the number of Battle Points lost by the side with the lower dice score, the other side loses half the difference rounded up to the next ten.
6. Next round!
Victory and defeat
When an army routs or loses all its Battle Points, it is considered to have lost the battle.
You can change the size of the die if you want a bigger impact of the modifiers, use a d8 or a d6. The actions of the players will then be extremely important.
The Bloody Marauders
10 Centaurs (4 HD & 3 attacks) = 120 BP
50 Bandits (1 HD & 1 attack) = 50 BP
Total = 170 BP, ML 8
The Nice Guys
100 Villagers (1/2 HD & 1 attack) = 50 BP
30 Knights (3 HD & 1 attack) = 90 BP
6 level 3 PJ (3 HD & 1 attack) = 20 BP
Total = 160 BP, ML 10
Turn 1
The Marauders attack the village in the middle of the night; they have the benefit of surprise +1, 170 - 160 = 10 BP in their favor +1, the PCs do nothing this turn. the roll 1d12+2 = 11
The Nice Guys defend themselves as best they can, they are at home and have the advantage of the ground 1d12+1 = 7
Result: 11-7 = 4 * 10= 40 PB. The Marauders lose 2O BP and the Nice Guys 4O BP.
Turn 2
Marauders 150 BP / Fancy guys 120 BP
Marauders +3 (30 BP in their favor), the surprise is over.
The players try to free the hounds to counter the centaurs, to do this they must fight a group of 10 bandits to get to the kennel (the fight is resolved, the players win). The dogs attack the centaurs' legs. +2, +1 for the terrain. The Marauders get 6+3=9 and the Nice Guys 11+3=14. Difference of 5. 50 BP lost for the Marauders, 30 for the Nice Guys. The course of the battle is rebalanced
Turn 3
Marauders 100 BP / Nice Guys 90 BP
The Marauders fail their morale roll, they become disorganized -1, 10 BP to their advantage +1. The players attempt an attack on the bandit leader but he escapes -1, terrain advantage +1. The rolls give a difference of 5 for the Nice Guys. 50 BP lost and 30 for the Nice Guys
Turn 4
Marauders 50 PB / Nice guys 60 PB
The Marauders are below 60% BP and fail their second morale roll. They go on a rout. The village is saved after 40 minutes of fighting.
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2021.10.23 06:59 samouraj The Tenant/35mm

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2021.10.23 06:59 Katherly [F4M] Looking for Roleplay (again....)!

Hi Everyone!
I'm gonna keep this short and sweet as I'm super tired and honestly and so I will highlight things of importance. I want to roleplay with only MALE ROLEPLAYERS who are 18+. NO NSFW OR SLICE OF LIFE WHATSOEVER! Keep in mind as well that I am looking for someone who is SEMI-LIT so no Novelists or Lit Roleplayers unless you can MATCH MY LENGTH. I will NOT for whatever reason you give me to take anyone who can write long responses. I can't really read anything super long as it hurts my eyes, so please MATCH MY RESPONSE!
Now If you fit my requirements. Congrats! Here are a few ideas off the top of my head after doing Accounting HW:

Please DM or Comment if Interested! Thanks! <3
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2021.10.23 06:59 XM46 Culture, Untainted. Me, gouache and acrylic, A3 watercolour paper, 2021

Culture, Untainted. Me, gouache and acrylic, A3 watercolour paper, 2021 submitted by XM46 to Art [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 06:59 Loud_Helicopter_9559 W or L

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2021.10.23 06:59 World-Tight PIC

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2021.10.23 06:59 Specialist_Tiger_805 [Question] Does apps/games installed through safari will also get revoked?

I installed and sideloaded delta and a GTA:SA Hack (where cars are replaced by a real one) on safari, i just have a question, do they get revoked after 7 days?
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2021.10.23 06:59 Far-Future-7565 My FC is 1307-2504-4171 please add me if your a hacker. IF YOUR NOT A HACKER PLEASE ADD MY FC STILL.

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2021.10.23 06:59 SarasCaptions Older picture

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2021.10.23 06:59 TanishAntre pentinum gives more fps than i7?

i have a pretty decent laptop with a i7 8500u(quad core) and a 940mx, even with not so great gpu, its more than enough to run even the latest games at 30fps low, BUT(for bedwars) i seem to get at avg 100fps (and 60fps if i choose integrated graphics if i choose from graphics settings), i was frustrated , so i ran mc bedwars on a low end pentinum (dual core) and it gives 200fps on integrated graphics , why is it so and whats happening? oh and i used LC on both the i7 and pentinum laptop
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2021.10.23 06:59 specadd Recordings of Voice Comms

Hello Everyone! For a Sound Installation I am looking for recordings of voice comms, in the best case of a whole map. Are there any teams willing to share their recordings? I know that it's often very sensitive data, but it would be really great! Or do you have any idea how to get these recordings from teams? I contacted some professional CS:GO teams but unfortunately never got an answer. Thanks a lot!!
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2021.10.23 06:59 kanofrag4 My honest take on Peterson after years of following him. I know this is a Sam Harris sub, but I though you guys might find it interesting as they exchanged ideas quite often.

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2021.10.23 06:59 HiMiru Any truers?

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2021.10.23 06:59 Ok-Cantaloupe-9751 Luxury living in Canada 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Toronto

Luxury living in Canada 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Toronto luxury living in canada
There’s no doubt that some parts of the city are more economical than others when it comes to living in Toronto. However, due to the enormous rise in housing prices in recent years, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is currently considered one of the world’s most expensive cities.
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2021.10.23 06:59 Nonameherepops Cheater Guilt

I cheated on my most loving, honest and nicest husband and feel really terrible about it. I cheated once and admitted to him, he forgave me and agreed to put it in the past. But I feel really terrible about it like I see myself as a disgusting person who doesn't even deserve to live. Every morning when I wake up I always have this anxiety of what karma will I get. I just can't live like this :(
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2021.10.23 06:59 z_serghei Unreal Story!

Guys! I gave up! I really fecking hate this gov for allowing so stupid and obvious corruption to happen with IRP appointments booking online system. They are surely getting value from devs who make those scripts for stealing all appointments and selling them online. This is just ridiculous how easy it is avoidable by implementing a single CAPTCHA before checking the available appointments. But they just keep doing nothing!
Eventually we'll all have to deal with it. So, Please, help me to riot this and escalate!
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2021.10.23 06:59 traumacranien Please help, my new robot keep saying that the drop sensor is covered with dust but it is so clean. I’ve tried to clean sensors with Alcohol and Q-tip but cannot resolve the error!

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2021.10.23 06:59 motail1990 At what point do we worry about a parent

I realise this is a weird one, but hear me out.
I feel this was going on before the pandemic, but I also feel like since lockdowns and home-learning were going on, the need for parents to diagnose their children has gone up.
So, while I am not discrediting parents, they obviously know their children better than anyone, I'm talking about the specific parents who diagnose their children with a myriad of health issues, either mental or physical.
I have had Münchhausens by proxy parents before, and things like that have to be dealt with so very delicately. But I feel like recently I have seen a smaller scale version of it in a few primary school parents.
The examples I am talking about are parents asking for an autism diagnosis for their child. We will always take these kinds of things seriously, and work with the parents to help get a diagnosis. Recently we had a parent asking for the autism diagnosis for their son. We were quite surprised as it was not something any of his teachers had picked up on, but we understand that certain things can be saved for home, of when a child is in a certain setting, so we worked with mum and her son saw an educational psychologist. The Ed Psych also concluded that the child was not showing any autistic traits, but was happy to try and organise some nurture session to help with some of the issues mum was facing. Mum decided this wasn't good enough (as is her right) and decided to get a private diagnosis of autism. We as a school allowed the psychologist in (covid safe) to observe and they also observed him at home and in a meeting. The private psychologist also said he didn't have a diagnosis of autism.
Mum is now insisting that we as a school give him an autism diagnosis, along with her new diagnosis of ADHD and allergies. As a teacher I really don't know what to do. I know she is going to try another private psychologist to try and get the result she wants, but I'm also worried that her telling her son he's autistic and also seeing so many professionals might be putting him under undue stress too.
I'm starting to have a concern that this parent might be having some mental health issues themselves, but quite a lot of the time this behaviour from a parent is shrugged off.
This is not the only example I have of this, but this is certainly my most dramatic current example. (We also have other parents wanting ADHD diagnosis, ticks, and autism, that cannot afford to pay different psychologists for the diagnosis).
I would love to get people's advice on what they would do in this situation. I have logged everything, and safeguarding officers know, but like I said, it feels like a growing trend at the moment, and I worry for the parent and child's mental health.
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