[Video] ANNM Review | Chucky - Season 1 Episode 1 Review

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2021.10.17 06:10 PTHero [ESPN Stats & Info] Max Fried threw 23 consecutive strikes against the Dodgers tonight. According to @EliasSports, Fried is the 1st player with 23 straight strikes in a playoff game over the last 20 seasons.

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2021.10.17 06:10 Prosaic_peep This Hulu DirectTv commercial comes on every 5 minutes. The screaming is unbearable...

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2021.10.17 06:10 itsallalittleblurry Golden Oldie

A gentleman dining at Crew
Found quite a large mouse in his stew.
Said the waiter “Don’t shout, or wave it about,
Or the others will want one, too.”
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2021.10.17 06:10 gej420 Is there anything like a natural death?

Can the brain just hit the power off button when it feels like it can't go longer? What does a death of an old age mean? Can't you always assing the death to a certain cause? Like an illness or a wound?
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2021.10.17 06:10 teller_of_tall_tales SSS: A brother burned S2

the dream was terrifying
I Ran through the halls of the human ship, chasing a shadowy figure as my wings flailed.
Suddenly the figure stopped and said "it's ok bud, I'll be back in time for dinner"
Then he ran off into the hallway, turning a corner just as white hot flames exploded forth from it.
My own screams awoke me
I sat up, cold and shivering as I realized the time and hopped from my nest, letting my cloak fall upon me as I rushed out the door, I must hear the rest of the stories was my only thought as I took flight towards the monument.
I came to a soft landing at the edge of the clearing, the groundskeeper was polishing the folds of the second saints cloak, a cigarette dangling from his lips as I stepped forward.
"Groundskeeper, may I request a moment of your time"
He chuckled and said
"Of course, we'll be telling the pirate hunter's story today, as the warriors is much much longer."
He lit the cigarette
And began the tale
The gentle hum of my ship in cold space was comforting as I swirled some synthesized vodka around in a short glass.
I dared not glance at the covered mirrors, instead, I opted to talk to the ship's AI.
"Hey, sparrow, you listening?"
There was a sudden soft charge to the air as a voice from around me spoke
"I'm always listening, what kind of captain would I be if I wasn't?"
His voice was modeled from an old earth movie called 'the pirates of the Caribbean' I'd never watched it but it felt fitting that a hunter as myself would keep his prey close.
The vision came back, those bright flames, my brother, charred like an overcooked steak as he shielded me from those hellish flames.
I shook my head clear and said
"Any unlabeled ships in the vicinity sparrow?"
"None that I can see"
I sighed heavily as I prepared to tell sparrow to redirect our course, only for the tell tale rumble of a grav-beam locking on to signify capture.
A flicker in my chest made me sit up, I'd heard that message before...
I stood, a thick grey cloak seeming to appear around me as the nano swarm coalesced into a single unit.
I picked up my brush axe, then my brothers sawn off that I kept over the cargo bay door.
I checked that it was loaded and lifted my hood, a small dots of light making a see through heads up display.
As the ship rumbled closer I could hear hear magnetic docking clamps attach to the hull of my ship.
I muttered and I felt the electric shift as the nanites shimmered to replicate what was behind and Infront of me, each one it's own camera and screen.
As my docking bay was forced open I squeezed myself in-between two support struts as pirates in mech armor clunked up my ramp.
When one got within arms reach I moved, my brush axe swung straight down in an arc, the thick pointed tip cleaving straight through the armored helmet.
The other must've gotten an alert as it turned, raising an auto pistol.
I Ripped the axe free as the pirate emptied his magazine, the nanites twisting and weaving to disperse the energy bolts.
It seemed as though he was only shooting a ghostly breeze at me as I stepped forward, axe dripping a purple fluid before the shaking pirate lost their head.
I strolled directly into their massive cargo bay completely invisible unless there were infrared cameras, then they'd see a ghostly apparition.
I slid past pirates doing their daily duties as I followed directional signs the nanites translated.
The winding corridors led me past the brig, and I paused at an iron barred cell where the others had hard light barriers.
A human female, dressed in a harness that revealed far too much for my liking, bound and gagged in a corner.
A rage filled her face, not the boiling kind, the ice cold plotting kind.
I looked at the bars and then around me at the empty cell block.
"Uncloak" I muttered
The woman flinched as I seemed to dissolve into existence.
I knew she couldn't see my face, that was for the better as I croaked
"Iam a friend, a brother"
She seemed terrified as I lifted my hand, channeling the nanites towards the bars which they ate away, the metal dissolving into dust as I stepped into the cell.
Another command and the bonds broke, the gag dissolved and a thin shirt and pants of a silvery material appeared.
"Can you guide me to the bridge?"
A quiet nod and she began walking, I recloaked myself and whispered
"Just get me to the bridge and I'll make sure you're safe"
The woman nodded and marched towards the bridge with a face set in stone.
Pirates let her past with an odd ease until we reached a thick closed blast door with two power armored guards.
"Halt slave, the captain requests that you are nude before entering"
She got a shower look on her face and stripped the shirt and pants off, the nanites homing back into my cloak as the door opened.
She stepped through as the captain turned his large chair to face her.
A fell-naxian gave her a wide smile as he gestured for the door to shut
"Oh dear Cassie did you get lonely again?"
The armor plated beast asked as it stood, an easy twenty feet tall.
I gauged from the thickness and colorimg of it's armor plates it was an elder variant, my mouth twitched, my limbs begging me to uncloak and swing, but I waited.
"Did I ever tell you of the Time A human whelp swore their revenge"
The beast got close to the woman and in turn me as it said
"He was the only survivor of a cleansed ship"
The beast scooped her up in a massive armored hand like she were a pet as it stroked her hair, making me shudder.
I don't know why I failed to move as the beast continued.
"We found him beneath a burnt corpse, his face marred by the heat but he still managed to spit his vow of revenge. It was pitiful really... A burned, blind child swearing to kill an elder being like me... I had to see if they'd keep their promise..."
The beast set Cassie down atop a large control console as he hit play on a video file.
'the helmet feed showed a pirate lifting charred remains off of a burnt child, the hair missing from his head, eyes burned almost clean from his skull as he cried and screamed...'
I screamed, the nanites reading my emotions as my hood fell.
The captain turned and in its mirror like face-plate I saw myself.
The metal visor grafted over my eyes, the skin of my face appearing as though it were melted wax dropped onto my skull.
"So the whelp keeps their promise"
The beast sneered.
My hand lifted the shotgun from my cloak, the bead sight brought to bare on that mirror-like face plate.
"The burned brother always keeps their promise"
I growled as I pulled both triggers.
I could almost see them as they flew, two, stainless steel spikes engraved with a first and last name
"Thomas killbane sends his regards from the grave"
I muttered as the captains face-plate shattered, making him reel back as I dashed forward.
The captains armor plates made exceptional stepping stones as I jumped up, raising my brush axe to bury it in his skull.
His massive hand swatted me aside and I crashed hard against a metal wall.
I hit the ground, ace clattering from my hands as my vision swam, an error message flashing in the right corner of my now cracked cybernetic visor.
The captain pulled the spikes from his faceplate and stood to full height, turning on Cassie as I reached out weakly, I could feel broken ribs, I recognized a concussion, but I couldn't stand as the Captain said
"You have betrayed me Cassandra..."
Lifting a fist high above his head as the woman's leg's gave out.
My vision faded to black as a bright light poured into my skull.
I was ten again, sitting in the ship's atrium with my brother as we enjoyed some ice cream cones.
I turned and looked up at him, a soft smile touching my face as he chuckled and ruffled my hair.
"You got close little bud, alot closer than I ever did"
I dropped my head
"But I still failed... Now someone else has to pay..."
He laughed and ruffled my hair again.
"You're not dead yet bucko, I'll always be here, but you've got other places and people to worry about"
He stood, gazing off into the beautiful garden.
"If you want we can head home for dinner... But, you won't make it back"
He offered a hand
I looked at it, I could go home, be with my brother again, I remembered the days before he died in a split second, making cakes and whipping batter at each other when we got frustrated... Going to the parks on the station and getting ice cream.
I paused, my hand an inch above his.
"What happens if I stay here?"
He smiled
"Well, you get another chance at revenge... Like a true killbane"
I paused, then slowly I took my hand back.
"As you said, you'll always be here... I'll be home in time for dinner okay?"
He chuckled and said
"Take your time, I still gotta preheat the oven"
Darkness faded in as I was brought back to reality, the captains fist ready to crush Cassandra as I grabbed my axe, dragging it towards me with a loud scraping noise as I got to my hands and knees.
"I'll be back in time for dinner bud"
The words echoed in my head as the captain paused and turned.
"Oh the mighty whelp stands again, I guess I'll have to put you down for good this time."
The beast's footsteps thundered towards me as I got to my feet and raised my brush axe.
As the beast's foot lifted over my head I let the brush axe fall with a clatter.
"...Like a true killbane"
I took a deep breath
"Nano storm... Engage"
I felt my cloak disperse as a massive red WARNING flashed in front of my vision.
I focused as huge billowing clouds formed over the Captain, making him pause and look up.
"What is this..."
He muttered
I gave no answer, only a command as I gazed at the two clean holes in the beast's visor.
The cloud solidified and condensed as I weakened, the drove themselves straight into the holes in the captains visor, drawing squeals of pain as he scratched at his face.
I forced them deaper, feeling them tear through the unarmored flesh as screams of pain barely reached my ears.
I could barely mutter as the captain suddenly choked and stood stiffly before his head exploded in a fountain of yellow Gore as my cloak returned.
I fell to my knees, a smile coming toy lips as the words flashed across my vision
I always knew that move would kill me.
Im coming home Tommy... Dinner better be ready
The groundskeeper paused and wiped the tears from his eyes as I gently extended a wing over his shoulders, my own eyes moist.
"Why'd... Why'd he do it if he knew he'd die?"
The groundskeeper swallowed softly then said.
"Nobody truly knows the Why... Some say he sacrificed himself to save the slave girl Cassandra... others say he sacrificed himself so another child would never see their family burned in front of them..."
He gazed softly at the statue
"I believe he did it because his brother did the same for him... A long time ago..."
I gazed softly at the statue as the sun set, gently I wiped my eyes and leaned back.
My culture frowned upon outward emotions... But here I couldn't help but cry for a brother I never knew.
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2021.10.17 06:09 therianthropichybrid Why is the Ouja board dangerous in your opinion?

I'm curious to know why some people consider the ouija board dangerous. Its a piece of wood and plastic. Several people gather round and ask questions out loud and if you are lucky, you get answers. Compare that to say, a tape recorder used on a ghost hunt. People gather round and ask questions out loud and if you are lucky, you get answers. Isn't it just old tech that serves the same purpose? There are countless new devices that serve this purpose and they don't carry the same stigma. WHY NOT? If the answer is, because something happened while using the board that scared everyone..doesn't the same thing happen on a ghost hunt? Someone appeared to be possessed. Must be demons, must burn the board. I've seen the same type of thing on ghost hunt videos, should they burn the recorder? Really, I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just wondering why, in some peoples opinions does the board have an evil aura to it. What makes this tool worse than any other? Thanks for any guidance on the subject you can give.
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2021.10.17 06:09 Weewomxn My neighbour is very “green” when it comes to propagation. She asked me if she did it right 🥺😆 (shared with permission)

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I’ll trade links for Autotune or Software for presets Or maybe we can collab on music or something I’m tired of making music and never releasing it
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2021.10.17 06:09 SaturatedBeam Who comes into mind when you think of the best comp beasts in Big Brother ?

For women I can think of Janelle, Rachael, Aaryn(unfortunately), and Alex (bb 19) .
For guys I think of Victor, Paul, Frankie, Miche(unfortunately) and Christian/DX.
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2021.10.17 06:09 shyplasterlord Announcing my candidacy for North Carolina senate

We’ll friends,
I have had a long and illustrious career. I was governor of Florida for 4 years. Before that, I was senator of Delaware. I served as Secretary of Energy under the Frak, Artic, and Leave administrations—and was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Jako. I was also, at one point, a presidential candidate (and am currently a vice presidential one).
Throughout my time in government I have stuck to my ideals—however controversial—and I intend to keep trying my hardest to bring Congress together through bipartisanship and working towards the common goals we can all get behind—goals such as freedom, justice, and the stability of our country.
Thank you.
Please clap.
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2021.10.17 06:09 aratofunusualsize Nicknaming Characters

Hey! So, I have a character I want the player to be able to nickname - once nicknamed, the input will replace the character's existing name. How can I do this? Old forums are proving potentially unhelpful.
Also, is it possible to have the character react to certain inputs a certain way? (For example, if you put in a swear word, they will be offended, and have you go back to redo putting in the nickname)
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2021.10.17 06:09 Ok_Pin155 Would you date someone your parents didn't approve?

What if your parents threatened you to exclude you from their will? My parents don't like the age difference between me and my boyfriend and they also don't like his financial situation and job (the fact he's not rich) and threaten me to exclude me from their will. I really love my boyfriend and can't imagine life without him What should I do?
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