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A State that Works. is the official website of the State of Indiana and your place to find information, services, news and events related to Indiana government. in: [adverb] to or toward the inside especially of a house or other building. to or toward some destination or particular place. at close quarters : near. so as to incorporate. to or at an appropriate place. In definition, (used to indicate inclusion within space, a place, or limits): walking in the park. See more. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. Showers in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 64F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%. Humidity. Humidity 69%. UV Level. UV Index 2 of 10. Sun Rise. Sunrise 6:59 am. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. An LGBTQ+ exhibit removed from Missouri’s Capitol after only a few days of being on display has found its way to St. Louis, thanks to a coalition made up of local businesses, individuals, and ...

2021.12.01 01:12 Patient-Sun-4251 This just in ....

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2021.12.01 01:12 ShameSaw "Is it in eye-shot?"

Nephew asked if someone could see something... in line of sight...
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2021.12.01 01:12 Deplizz78 Just pointing out the obvious

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2021.12.01 01:12 Shtrudlle Komm, süsser Padoru

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2021.12.01 01:12 its_clean_shirt Fun local play PC games that me and my girlfriend can play together?

We have been playing bloodbowl and stranded deep. Any recommendations? Any genre... just something we can sink our teeth into
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2021.12.01 01:12 kaynoel10 Pokémon Challenge

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2021.12.01 01:12 snkde Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier $15.96

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2021.12.01 01:12 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - USDAO Stablecoin : Solving the real crisis in stablecoin of crypto currency market

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2021.12.01 01:12 aarbro7 Finally… A Success Story!

I’ll try to keep this short but could end up as a rant.. sorry!
I am a 25 year old that grew up playing consoles and simply HATED FPS games. Seemed like COD was the only option and I was terrible at the mindless running and gunning bullshit… and then came my first PC game, Valorant!
Out of my friend group, I picked up the game the quickest but was still placed in Iron 1. After many hours of cursing, table bangs and late night grinds I finally made noticeable progress. For a while, I never soloed queued because I wanted to play with friends only to avoid the toxic culture. I may be a grown man, but a 12 year old over the mic telling you how much you suck REALLY tilts me (something I need to work on).
This season, I wanted to break away from my friends and really see how far I could go. Starting this season, I was a Bronze 2 and skyrocketed through solo queues all the way up to Gold 2 and I am not slowing down. This season, I am 57W/35L with a KDA of 1.82! I may not pop the 25-30 kills a game but I really try to be the best damn Astra or KJ FOR THE TEAM.
Valorant may be a video game, but I get people want to compete! Keep playing no matter how bad you think you are. Learn from mistakes and be a TEAMMATE. Kills are fun but in this game, they are simply overrated.
Look me up sometime if you want to laugh how long it took me to get out of the noob level, or maybe play some matches!
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2021.12.01 01:12 CommonSkys After second interview as a top contender, job was withdrawn and replaced with unpaid Internship for the same qualifications.

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2021.12.01 01:12 gigawat19 Charging on pixel 6

So I go to charge my pixel 6 at night when it's around 10-15% battery. When I wake up around 7am for work my phone is anywhere from 90-95% full. This after like 8 hours of being on the charger over night. I know I shouldn't gripe about something that seems small but I was just wondering has anyone experienced this or has heard of something similar?
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2021.12.01 01:12 inthe9thhouse Orchid experts preferred bark?

For all the advanced orchid growers here just wanting to know your favorite bark to use? I've tried a few but no luck yet.
Thanks in advance for your input!
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2021.12.01 01:12 blackwolf4674 God really said fuck me today

First i stub my toe, then i get spilled coffee on my shirt. Then i get a 60% on a test And now i burnt my hand and fell on the ground with all my weight directly on my knee And now i realized im out of pain relievers
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2021.12.01 01:12 Big-Let9966 Random

Sometimes I wonder if not (I)but any person if they die does it matter ? Life goes on and not in a way where nobody cares but in a way that good days will continue to come and bad day will continue to come but that life lost has no good or bad effect on life in general
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2021.12.01 01:12 mikemillwemadeit Djdj

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2021.12.01 01:12 Lowspot- "ARE MY BONUS CHECKS IN HERE?" Said Dumbledore calmly

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2021.12.01 01:12 Legitimate-Dirt-688 Cheating

I (20m) and struggling with intrusive thoughts about being with someone else. I’ve been with my girl (21f) for almost a year now and she is wonderful, kind, beautiful… etc. We have our issues, and for me a big thing is that I never know what is acceptable on her part. I let a lot slide, take her side instead of my own, and on top of that our relationship has gotten pretty serious pretty fast. We moved in together at 7 months, but we have separate bedrooms so its more of a roommate situation. I was never with someone before her, either romantically or sexually, and part of me worries that if this is it and I’m with this girl for good, what did I miss out on? How will I ever know if there is better? These thoughts are god-awful next to a relationship that is every man’s dream outside a few days of the month in which it isn’t perfect, which is acceptable. But, I guess it isn’t otherwise I wouldn’t feel this way. I don’t plan on cheating because I want to maintain some sense of loyalty and honor, but the thought of taking a break and exploring myself and other relationships has been persistent. Any advice on these feelings and/or judgement is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.12.01 01:12 ZoobBot 189410

This is the 189410th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.01 01:12 NarakuTheSarkic Science games, racing games and MH:W.

Hi, I just recently bought some stuff from Steam but I still have the itch for a couple more games but don't really know/have the time to in depth research about the subject so I was hoping you guys could help me out.
I want games that actively teach about science, specially chemistry and biology, I've seen this game called "Electric Vlab" which looks nice and I think it probably is what I want in terms of electronics, but now I'd like to buy something similar for the aforementioned biology and chemistry subjects.
Next year I hope to be able to buy a wheel and pedals to have the most realistic but still kinda fun driving experience, I'd like to get some racing game that is both realistic in terms of driving but also has stages or places so to speak to joyride outside of competitions and stuff, I already bought Asetto Corsa but I am not sure if it will have such places to just drive to my heart's content.
Finally, this is more of an opinion on a game, a friend of mine plays a lot of Monster Hunter on a PS4 and I wanted to buy it just to play with him, found out that MHW currently doesn't have cross-platform co-op so most likely I'd be alone and want to know whether the game is both doable and enjoyable on my own or should I wait to find people to play with, since honestly, I don't feel like just killing stuff will be fun enough for me, are there any quests or story to support the single player gameplay?
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2021.12.01 01:12 That-Onion-5898 #ज्ञानगंगा_में_तत्वज्ञान God Kabir 📗आखिर गीता ज्ञान दाता ने खुद को काल क्यों कहा? जानने के लिए अवश्य पढ़ें पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा। अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर Visit करें।

#ज्ञानगंगा_में_तत्वज्ञान God Kabir 📗आखिर गीता ज्ञान दाता ने खुद को काल क्यों कहा? जानने के लिए अवश्य पढ़ें पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा। अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर Visit करें। submitted by That-Onion-5898 to tippytaps [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 01:12 kkwa2 Where can I find the WZ wallet?

Last item I need for Kappa and and I still havent found a single one this wipe..
I've been searching forum and reddit and it said it drops thru moonshine, ran so many reserve marked rooms and customs marked room with no luck. Searched many scavs pockets and nothing..
Is this the only way?
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2021.12.01 01:12 navel_buffet 🔥Forever Burn🔥 Just Launched!|| 🔥300 Trillion Burned in 4 Days! (30% of the supply burned forever!)
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Forever Burn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Experience the power of auto + manual Burns!
➡️30% of the supply already burned forever!
10% Auto Burned Forever on every single Transaction. "
2% to Liquidity
➡️1st Day : 1 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️2nd Day: 2 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️3rd Day: 3 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
. (continue pattern)
➡️9th Day: 9 Trillion Burn🔥
➡️10th Day 10 Trillion Burn🔥
After day 10, we will burn 10 Trillion Coins once per week.
When the remaining supply reaches 500 Trillion, we will shift to burning 2% of the remaining supply per week.
In addition to an auto burn on each transaction and weekly manual burns,
We will also be featuring burn milestones.
At each burn milestone we will Burn Even More Tokens:
➡️$10,000 mc & 100 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$30,000 mc & 150 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$50,000 mc & 200 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$100,000 mc & 300 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$300,000 mc & 400 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$500,000 mc & 600 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️1 Million mc & 1,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️3 Million mc & 3,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️5 Million mc & 5,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️10 Million mc & 10,000 Holders => 40 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️50 Million mc & 20,000 Holders => 50 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️100 Million mc & 40,000 Holders => 100 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️500 Million mc & 50,000 Holders => 120 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️1 Billion mc & 100,000 Holders => 150 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️Each Additional Billion in MC => 25% of the Remaining Liquidity🔥
If at any point we do not have enough tokens available to burn, we will burn 10% of the available liquidity pool instead.
The more we burn, the more you earn.
So get out there, spread the word, and get ready for the coin that's going to take the market by storm.
We are here for the long run.
but Please note in order to do large manual burns on the spur of the moment at milestone goals,
the liquidity pool has to remain unlocked.
So really it comes down to trust. People lock liquidity and still pull shams and scams.
I'm here to say that I'm leaving it unlocked for the good of our holders,
and that I'm here to stay and make some serious money as watch our coin burn like no other bsc token has ever done.
Welcome aboard the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 train
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2021.12.01 01:12 MrColman Common book, 500 gems. Worth it? Or not?

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2021.12.01 01:12 redoxted Are these really the best drifting games out there?

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2021.12.01 01:12 Background-Level965 Just watched Children of Men and, like Bill, I can’t believe Clive Owen wasn’t a bigger star.

What the hell happened?
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