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Me and Gaelikitten Ready with our Endwalker Glam

2021.12.01 00:49 Cisco-NintendoSwitch Me and Gaelikitten Ready with our Endwalker Glam

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2021.12.01 00:49 Karstam Enjoying the view of the city at night

Hello fellow ENFPs!! Hope youbare all doing well!
I just wanted to see if you guys share the same felling that I have. Sometimes I really love to just sit by the window and look ate the city and enjoy it, I dont know why but I feel totaly at peace with myself when this happens.
It also happens late at night when Im out with friends, I just want to see life, see the city, nature, stars and this kind of things.
Its like I want a space away from everything to see life, to see what I have to see and enjoy it.
What are your experiences with this feeling?? Thanks!!
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2021.12.01 00:49 m3ssalla451 When I stopped doing extra tasks to please my bosses

Used to work at a party store and things were constantly changing all the time. Aisles and sections would switch, new product came in all the time, seasons would get packed up etc.
I was a MIT/Head Cashier so I knew A LOT about the store. To help out my bosses I’d always take initiative and change out window and wall displays without being asked to. We were ALWAYS short staffed even before covid. But I always knew how to manage my time with my personal projects and the projects I offered (to no one) to do.
Then I was working in the warehouse for a while. There were days I was working warehouse duties and HCing (they’re on opposite sides of the store). I was doing all these tasks, 3 of which I was payed to do and the others I went above and beyond for.
At that time I was making $13.50/hr but minimum wage caught up with my pay. Eventually they decided they didn’t need me in the warehouse anymore and I was to only stay at the registers, price items, fill balloon orders, ring up, change window displays, restock register products. Some of those tasks I honestly didn’t have to do, because I was to only ring up.
Time went on now we were all at $14/hr, everyone who was on the clock. Even me and this other MIT/HC. The cashiers who just stood there on their phones until a customer came up was making the same as me, who had waaaay more responsibilities to do. Everyone at that place slacked off. I was the only employee who actually took initiative and cared about the store’s appearance and ultimately making the store more money. The more the store made, the longer I had a job there ya know?
But not anymore. I stopped doing the window and wall displays, I stopped helping with aisles. I did the bare minimum. Because afterall I was only making minimum wage. On days I was a manager I would delegate and make sure what I’m doing was up to par in terms of managing. But that was it. I was in charge of the registers and the product on the registers. At that point I only cared about my area of the store (I like to organize merch & clean all the time).
Even tho they said it, I didn’t feel appreciated working there. I was always going above and beyond and for what? I ended up putting my two weeks in because I’ve moved but I couldn’t be happier than ever. A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders.
I recently visited the store and it’s a complete shitshow. It was messy (except my area) before but it’s a complete disaster now. Lol.
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2021.12.01 00:49 SpecialPowerss Become Fluent In A Second Language

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2021.12.01 00:49 Xamasa [spoilers ep9] I really enjoy how Jinx smiles ever so slightly when Vi calls her 'her sister'

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2021.12.01 00:49 pew-die-pie2 November is finally gone, tally your results

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2021.12.01 00:49 Archives-H I thought I could read everyone's mind. Then the man across my street ate a block of wood. It's happened before. (Part 4)

Part 3
It was Election Day. I realized that after spending two hours inside the (church? Temple?) religious building.
I’d been reading the Book of Enlightenment and its other stories. They told me astounding stories, from the belief that life originated far away in a distant place and was brought to all over the world by an ancient vessel which ‘was built to carry life out among the stars’.
Aliens? Maybe. I actually found the book, for lack of a better word, enlightening. It had this profound message that no matter who we were, we all had the potential to become gods ourselves.
Also, that’s literally the motif everywhere in the book. I found barely any contradictions, and the book was fair, and the so called ‘Black Flame’ judged only those who were truly evil.
I think the most profound idea of the religion was that they believed there was either no afterlife, or, that they would ascend and continue living to follow the path, and that they could choose to end their existence any time.
I, like the people of the book, found the idea of nothing after death, oddly calming. It honestly seemed like a great belief, a way to better one’s morality. Anyone could become a member, and ‘those who fought against true evil’ could be made into these missionaries, Messengers, which were given a gift from the gods to do miracles.
I remembered that Amadeus Schwann had called himself a guide, a Messenger when I had first met him. And then I thought about how he had somehow healed my broken arm.
Maybe… this religion had some truth to it after all.
Anyway, as I was saying, it was Election Day.
Today, our new mayor was being elected into office, and one of the candidates, Chauncey Wells was speaking today at the City Square, a large park surrounded with shops, high class dining, and expensive five-star hotels.
I wasn’t one for politics, and I usually voted for whoever would make life better, but I’d decided to come to the rally because, well, free food.
So that’s how I found myself in the middle of a massive park, snacking on a plate of various cookies while barely listening to the nonsense Chauncey was going on about.
“Yo!” a voice called. “Kaiaaaaaaaa!”
“Huh, what?” I asked, mouth full of cookies.
Next to me appeared by neighbor three doors away, Olivia Stone. She wore a shiny leather jacket adorned with fancy pins, striking rainbow dyed hair, and a knowing smile on her face.
“Your friend, Agent Rengage said I’d probably find you here,” Olivia explained. “I just finished telling my story to her. What exactly is her job?”
“She’s a medical doctor turned FBI agent,” I explained. “It’s very complicated.”
“She’s smart,” Olivia decided. “I assume you’re here for the free food too?”
“Mhm.” I chewed a particularly sweet cookie. “And Rengage suggested you should tell me your story? About that guy across the street?”
“Do tell,” I told. Back at the rally, people were chanting some weird phrase I wanted no part in. I could tell Olivia was uncomfortable with the chant, and we silent moved away to a bench a bit farther away.
“I’m not sure how it began, but earlier this year, I saw that guy, Donald on one of my travels,” she began. “I was in Alaska, hiking- I do that in my spare time, when I saw it.”
“Saw what?”
“The cave.” She paused, pulling out her phone and showing a picture of a dark, out of place cave. “This cave isn't anywhere on the map, and the second time I hiked there, I didn’t find it.”
“What was in the cave?” I questioned, tossing a nacho in my mouth as I did.
“I saw nothing at first, but I got my flashlight and entered it,” she continued. “I found a passageway leading deep within the earth, and… they were so strange. They were almost like steps, beckoning me deep into the earth.” She showed me another picture. They did look like steps. “Before I went down these steps, I heard someone else enter the cave- that guy, Donald.”
“Interesting,” I murmured.
“So I met him, we shook hands and stuff, and we went deep into the caves together. I know, going into a weird place with some person I barely now- don’t worry, I can handle myself in a fight,” Olivia laughed. “Anyway, we eventually got to this strange… room.”
“A room?”
“There were like these ancient carvings on the wall. Stick figures and other symbols that I couldn’t make heads or tails of. I tried to take photos of them, but my phone was stuck on this weird black screen. But the weirdest part was this… altar in the middle of the room.”
“You won’t believe this, but I saw something change in that Donald guy as soon as he saw that altar. He pushed me aside and somehow pushed it aside. That altar was made of stone,” Olivia accented. “There was this… pool underneath. Just a hole, a few meters down from that was this pool of black liquid. I tried to ask Donald what he was doing, but before I could, well...”
“Well?” I impatiently asked.
“He just turned to be with this creepy smile on his face, and it was his teeth was all sharp, and spiky, and there were these black worms coming out of them, and I sort of just backed away.”
“Before I knew it, he just… he jumped into the hole and I heard a splash below. I was stunned, and it kinda took me a while before I was able to get up and look at the hole.” She paused, looking up into the sky. I did too, seeing dark clouds form around the park. That was odd- the forecast said there was nothing but sun today, and our weather forecast has never been wrong. “Anyway, I saw that it wasn’t black water in that pool. Donald’s… body was there, but these black worms were all over him, and it didn’t take me long to realize that pool was made up of the same black worms as the one I saw in Donald.”
“Creepy,” I murmured. “But continue.”
“I heard these whispers after that, and suddenly, I saw the worms kind of lurch out of the pool, connecting to each other and trying to escape. I just ran outside the cave, back into the path, and tried not to think of that ever again,” Olivia informed. “That night, I was in my hotel room reading some random article when I heard the knock on the door. I thought it was the pizza I ordered but-”
“It was Donald.”
“Exactly. I opened the door to see his smiling face, and then I heard this laughter all around me. I wanted to scream, but I just couldn’t.”
“Did he come in?”
“No,” she replied, “it was as if there was an invisible barrier between him… and me. I can’t explain it but… I just knew he couldn’t enter my room.”
“Interesting.” I was suddenly very jealous that Donald didn’t enter her room. I remembered how Donald broke in and chased me, resulting in the incident with the fire escape.
“The next day, I booked a plane and left. Imagine my surprise when the man sitting next to me turned out to be Donald- but it was like nobody else saw him,” she told. “I spent sixteen hours awake- his- that thing’s laugh kept me awake, and whenever I tried to get up, I always felt this- this hand stroking my hair, but whenever I looked back, Donald would just be staring at the seat ahead of him.”
“That’s messed up,” I decided. Olivia nodded.
“The next time it happened was at a restaurant where I was eating. I didn’t notice it at first, but I suddenly felt like someone was watching me and I saw him, a table away. He was eating noodles, but he was putting in all these sauces and spices, all while smiling and watching me,” Olivia explained. “I heard that laughing again, I paid my bill, and got out of there before things escalated. But see, when I left, I… didn’t see him again. Just… nothing. I checked with the waitress, and she said nobody sat there.”
“Anyway, that all continued until I got home, to my apartment, three doors away from you. Guess Donald chose you as a target,” she shrugged.
“Guess so.”
Thunder boomed, and we watched the sky. There were black clouds encircling us, leaving only the park safe, and in the blazing heat of the sun. Chauncey, the political speaker and his followers didn’t seem to mind the heat, nor notice the thunderstorms.
Actually, it was… as if they didn’t see it. As if only us two could see the growing storm.
That’s when it began, just as we were walking towards the food stand. The ground beneath began to vibrate, and I thought I was seeing things before I realized it was real.
I fell as the vibrations got larger, and Olivia helped me up. Unfortunately, my nachos were not so lucky.
“What the hell?!” she yelled, confused. We both saw what was happening, felt it, yet Chauncey and the rally seemed not to notice, even as food stands and political banners collapsed.
“Olivia,” I cationed, pointing at the skies, “look.”
“Oh my anti-god...” she murmured.
In the skies above, the thunderclouds were moving in, spiraling, closing in on all of us. We began to see rain in the distance, and it quickly caught up to the nearby bench where we’d sat, and, seeing it was more akin to a flood than simple weather, we ran.
Worse, a strange mist had appeared, soon obscuring our vision of what we saw behind us. It was like an impenetrable wall of nothing, and it consumed which stood in its path.
We ran until we got to the center, into the crowd of the rally.
That’s when the mist stopped in a circle just outside the bulk of the rally, just about where we were. Above us was nothing but a sea of black, and now, finally, the crowd began to notice.
“Oh, we seem to have some sort of weather issue,” Chauncey laughed. “Perhaps it’s a sign from God that I’ll win alone, and that all others will be swallowed up!”
His followers seemed to agree, and cheered.
This was not good. In front of us, a crowd of people rooting for some guy. Behind us, a sea of nothing which we were sure to be lost in.
Thunder boomed like a hammer of the gods, and lightning lit up the air. The vibrations got ever stronger, and the trees around us began to fall.
“Rain,” Olivia murmured. Her eyes soon widened, as she felt the rain among her fingers. “The rain!”
I saw it too. From the heavens fell not water, but a thick crimson liquid that stuck our fingers- blood.
“Amen, lord!” Chauncey shrieked. “Amen l-”
He never got to finish that sentence.
The next thing we saw was a scream from the man. Through the crimson storm, somehow, his legs were now ablaze with black flame, which leapt up, enveloping his chest while lightning shot down from the heavens around us all.
At last, the flame enveloped his entire body, and we could only watch in horror as he flailed around, screaming while the black flame devoured him for what seemed to be an eternity.
At last, thunder boomed and a final bolt of light struck him down at the center of the stage, leaving nothing but a charred, broken body.
And as soon as it had all begun, it was over. The mist vanished, and the clouds above did too, making the crimson rain vanish.
Besides the dead body, the blood on our skin, and the destruction of the earthquake, nothing explained how it all had happened.
“What the hell just happened?” Olivia gasped.
“Divine Judgement,” I panted. “Divine Judgement.”
It was only later that day, that on the news, I heard that a stack of papers somehow appeared on the desk of a local police station.
The papers detailed several money transfers from Chauncey’s secret, illegal account into a group that was involved in a local bombing that caused the deaths of sixteen innocent people.
There were more on his secret donations to other terrorist groups, conversion therapy, and a dangerous supremascist cell that had intended to take over a nearby city with the leadership of Chauncey.
Something is happening here. Evil is being cast down, made like ash- just like the Book of Enlightenment spoke of.
And now, I think, it’s time to pay another visit to Amadeus Schwann and the Path Towards Enlightenment.

- Kaia Jones
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2021.12.01 00:49 o_my_jesus 16, male, united states- i know im a guy, but give me a chance jeez

Hey y'all, I'm 16 here from the US and am looking to learn more about humans- diversity, culture, interests, etc. I am really willing to talk about anything! If you want some conversation starters, here you go:
I'm bisexual. I like to learn about mythologies, especially Norse and Greek. I'm a fan of 80's rock and pop but also like modern music too. I collect vinyls. I might look at what some consider to be... copious amounts of *ahem* NSFW stuff.
If you look at my profile, you'll probably see that I'm a bisexual nerd. I love, and I mean *love* Star Wars, especially the prequel era. I love to watch children's cartoons like Owl House or Adventure Time. I'm also in love with ancient Rome but have a love affair with the Incans. ...that sounded weird.
I see a lot of posts that are pretty much horny people pretending to be girls to get a quick wank. That's not me. I want actual interaction. Plz.
Like I said, willing to talk about anything! If this piqued your interest, PM me!
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2021.12.01 00:49 Lopsided_Ad_3912 I have a question

Did anyone see Bens eyes because they looked red to me. Now we don’t know if we can trust him or not. With this being said when Matt said what Ben says will be against him he got very defensive/ attacking. With everything going on I rewatched the first meetup. When he said “ your just like me just better at hiding the mask” makes me feel like the body in the ground either has a mask on or next to it
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2021.12.01 00:49 Egg-Happy My friends left me, the ones I have left don't like me and I struggle in high school.

My friends left me over the slow transition from 7th grade summer to 9th grade and I only have a few shitty friends rn that my friendship is on the brinks with of. I don't consider myself an asshole but just because I don't find sex humor funny (which is all our lunch table does) and all of the new friend group doesn't like me I have lost someone who was once one of my best friends. We where friends all throughout elementary and 7th grade but since then our frienship has been degrading and I am not really sure why. I haven't changed much other than maturing since 7th grade but I have seem to lost (most) of my old friends. And I don't even know why. One of my few remaining friends is a genuine dick who an attention seeking selfish ass hole.
Additionally I have no girlfriend because I can't find any girl at the school who fits my requim (fit, smart, and someone i can have an intellegent conversation with). All the girls that do fit it are the popular ones though and I am too afraid to talk to any of them.
Finally I am struggling academically with my grades and I have alot of pressure to get good grades and I don't have a 4.0 rn. I need help And am not sure how to get it. My teachers seem bent against me and I hate my classes.
In short it seems like the whole world is bent against me right now.
Any suggestions or tips or wisdom for people who have been in my situation or a similair one?
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2021.12.01 00:49 k3rstman1 [Flash][2005] All I remember is one of the playable characters being A humanoid tiger with an axe.

Platform(s): Flash game
Genre: Platformer ** Estimated year of release:** 2005 ** Graphics/art style:** I think it was 2D, but pretty good quality (not pixelized). IIRC the level backgrounds were real life pictures (of the sky/a dessert for example).
Notable characters: You had multiple characters to choose from. I think one was a humanlike tiger with a big axe. Soms characters had guns though.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I can't remember, I think it was basic WASD/Arrows and spacebar.
Other details: I think there were multiple levels, but overall the game was pretty short. I feel like the title was something like XENO, but googling that hasn't helped.
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2021.12.01 00:49 sk8druid

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2021.12.01 00:49 wdudla The anytime food.

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2021.12.01 00:49 Jack-Maley Spritzing Research Poll

Hi everyone! My name is Jack Maley and I am a Sophomore at the University of Utah studying entrepreneurship. I am looking to do some research on BBQ and was hoping that you could help me out by answering a quick poll that I have.
My question is if you see spritzing your BBQ as a chore? I am trying to determine if an automatic spritzer that would fit inside your grill would be a feature you would be willing to pay more when you buy your next grill.
If you wouldn't mind answering my poll, I would really appreciate it!
Thanks so much and happy grilling!
View Poll
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2021.12.01 00:49 I-need-money223 HMU 5$ for pics 10$ for vids

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2021.12.01 00:49 Jarin360 75% OFF BLACKFRIDAY SALE!!! | ZYFSERVER SHARES | PLEX/EMBY | P4S | US/Worldwide | $1.9 USD | MOVIES | TV | ANIME | BOLLYWOOD

Click here to message me to join. 2 Days left! Get 75% off your first month of Synthesis III, Synthesis IV, or ZYFSERVER✖ANIMECode: BFPLEX2021Available to new signups only! We are a service that has been around for a long time now and have more space on our servers and are looking for more users :)
Server Type: Pay for Share (PLEX)
Server Location: US
Our USA server is great for people around the world, making use of a new CDN network with over 26 pops around the world, with the server location being optimally placed this means 99% of users will have no buffering issues (as long as your internal networking setup is decent).
Direct Play: Enabled
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Transcode: Enabled (Dedicated GPU)
Total concurrent streams: 1
Content offered

Content Type
Billing (US server Synthesis IV)
Billing (US server Synthesis III)
Billing (ZYFSERVER✖ANIME) (See post here) (Use code: ANIME)
Combo deal (US server Synthesis III + ZYFSERVER✖ANIME)
Billing (US server EMBY SHARE) (Low stock)
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2021.12.01 00:49 all_about_the_lines ESPN+ Commentators Brutal

Quoting JR’s article on Vladdy verbatim without credit
Crediting “Craig Binnington” all game
Don’t mean to be such a grouch with the new setup but gosh they’re a far cry from JK and Panger
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2021.12.01 00:49 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Tuesday, 10:48 p.m. EST)

😢 Gone (for now)
Product Price
S'Mores 1x7.5g by Back Forty $4.25
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.12.01 00:49 fateerah I want to get some games, but they require some GB. I’ve noticed that these Microsoft corporation apps take up a lot of space. Can I delete them or are they important?

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2021.12.01 00:49 GeekMonkey14 My sweet girl

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2021.12.01 00:49 Greenblockinnovation Customer said they didn’t get their order. What will happen? I delivered to the appropriate address.

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2021.12.01 00:49 Master_Ask2164 Degrees of Freedom

Society has driven us to hold within our minds an almost grotesquely romanticized notion of freedom. Frequently in literature are we washed clean of the TVs’, radios’ and social media’s propaganda and reminded truly of the futile and masochistic nature of the Pursuit of Freedom. An image of my teenage tribulations comes to mind. An image of an orphaned, angry, delinquent ward of the state in a desolate juvenile detention center devoid of hope. I poured over the words and works of Richard Adams and David Foster Wallace, longing for NOTHING more in this world than Freedom. And my soul ached as they masterfully deconstructed and reconstructed the very thing I thought I would fight for with my dying breathe( as many have before me and will after I presume). They painted with poise a picture vivid enough the visually impaired could peer upon and depart with a clearer image of the degrees of Freedom.They taught that Freedom is scalable and intangible and ever shifting and more than two dimensional. That there is not just Freedom! There is freedom to….and freedom from…. Those two sides of Freedom paradoxically confine and constrict freedom itself. And I learned then, and again upon my release of the previously stated facility, that freedom is a beautiful idea but that the notion that Freedom is a goal that is worthy of any means is flawed. Love the times you are feeling free but I caution you not to fight every chain blindly. The bird that has the longing to leave the nest earliest, knows not yet how it feels to fall.
With all due respect, Jhonny the Kidd
(also sorry this sounded so pretentious I’m just trying articulate my thoughts coherently also I’m 21 relax bro)
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2021.12.01 00:49 dangerousGodzilla 😯 Aahhhh. These are truly the demonic Bay Area Bullsh@t demigods of self appointed kings after Shithe@d JACK DORSEY resigned. Don’t be fooled by who controls the penis heads. They can use Salesforce money to prop up failing Twitter but we know the TRUTH! Do your DD on these scumbags . DWAC🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.12.01 00:49 SwaggDaddy0420 Happy birthday to me .. big ole m-city barrel to celebrate 😎✌🏾 much love va

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2021.12.01 00:49 Catslifephils Kitty.

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