Live on Craftcellars now. The Glenallachie CS batch 6 is already gone.

2022.01.25 16:11 HexagonalCrank Live on Craftcellars now. The Glenallachie CS batch 6 is already gone.

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2022.01.25 16:11 firstwordonsports /r/marvelstudios struggles to decide if Whedon objectified Wanda, if objectification is even real, or if men are the real victims no one talks about. Put your Wandavision goggles on and spy your shirtless Thors in this slap fight.

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2022.01.25 16:11 Own-Calligrapher-289 Want All Kill All This comic will make your day better!

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2022.01.25 16:11 SussyCheesake My Fair Junkyard Lady, Me, Digital, 2011

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2022.01.25 16:11 Rational-Peter Home owners on street parking entitlement

3 quick stories in elite suburbs where despite my vehicle fully registered/licenced & insured I have been told of by entitled home owners that they think the on street parking directly outside their homes is exclusively theirs despite no signs prohibiting street parking ;

When I used to visit friends in a elite suburb I was told don't park outside at least 4 homes in the street as they don't like people parking outside their homes on the street I used to often ignore it only to be told to move it within 1 hour of arriving so in the end I used to ride my bicycle there instead

Then another time in a elite beach side suburb I parked my car for work a few times the home owner come out and told me don't street park outside his home, this time I stood up for myself and said "my vehicle is registered/licenced I am not illegally parking I am entitled just as much as you to park here", Anyway 8 hours later I found a tyre let down which I assume was him

Finally I lived for a while in budget accommodation in a somewhat semi elite suburb and street parked, anyway my landlord said one day "Please don't street park anymore the neighbours don't like your shabby old car" I took offense at this I wash and polish it etc, anyway he gave me a car spot free of charge out the back at least
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2022.01.25 16:11 joejawsome1 Every Time I Die reissues have arrives. How bittersweet.

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2022.01.25 16:11 pikachs ENvtuber not getting views on his Videos

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2022.01.25 16:11 big_mui Found a triple cave spider spawner in the bottom of my base, aside from "build a spider farm" anything fun I can do with this?

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2022.01.25 16:11 wt_anonymous Is Decaf tea bad for you?

I've heard that whatever they do to decaffienate it can be bad for you.
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2022.01.25 16:11 FallCompetitive7976 25-January I am still here

It is 25-January 19:11. I am contrary.
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2022.01.25 16:11 wifeinfreezer Go crazy

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2022.01.25 16:11 earlybirdman What DNS block lists do you use?

I re setup my DNS servers and am wondering what DNS blocklists others like. Thanks.
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2022.01.25 16:11 ex_19 Absolutely hilarious and endless discussion between 2 guys under a clip of the Movie "Downfall" on yt. Even has side-characters and shit joining in later, had to share.

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2022.01.25 16:11 Serellion First successful print is painted. still struggling with print fails tho

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2022.01.25 16:11 DeepWelshVoice Yokai Kingdom - NFT Set based on Greek Mythology - P2E Card Game - Introducing staking this week

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2022.01.25 16:11 Fi_erro For my chip fryers

Been fighting with the fryer for almost a year now. And this fryer wins everytime!!! It spits at me every morning and it’s so fucking aggressive. Does anyone know how to get rid of these ugly burns? My skin is full of huge blisters and I feel so ugly. The burning oil gets in my eyes, ears, and face at least once a week.
I hate being the chip girl. I’ve been begging them to put me on prep. I’m SO tired.
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2022.01.25 16:11 Ender_Fox227 Why is matpat not making another HL theory?

Half Life alyx came out and there is still more questions to be asked.
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2022.01.25 16:11 dr4gonbl4z3r [EU] You're agent 47, the best assassin in the world, and everyone knows that. But nobody understands where the hell you found the time to master the skills of sushi-making, massaging, yoga, painting, drumming and many more. It's starting to freak people - and your handler - out.

[by Ataraxidermist]
Agent 47 brandished the knife in his hands. Often, whoever was on the other end of that knife quivered with fear, an inkling transforming into dreaded finality that his stoic face would be the last they ever saw.
Diana Burnwood only had an expression of awe, evident in her slightly agape mouth and raised eyebrows, as 47 sliced through tuna like a decade-trained master of sushi.
Slices of sushi fell apart like butter when met with the agent’s knife. 47 then deftly arranged them on Diana’s plate, before bowing slightly with satisfaction.
The handler gave a small clap, before reaching down with her chopsticks. Just one bite elicited a satisfied sigh.
“47, I want to be surprised,” Diana said. “There are delicious. But these are the most perfect slices of tuna I’ve ever seen in my life. How do you do that?”
“It’s all about cross-adaptation,” 47 said, wiping his knife carefully. “I’ve not cut many slices of sashimi. But I’ve sliced off many pieces of flesh from humans.”
Diana, to her credit, did not even bat an eye. Instead, she focused on the delectable morsels in front of her, placing yet another melt-in-your-mouth piece of otoro onto her tongue. She let her eyes wander, which eventually settled on a slate grey wall of proudly displayed original art pieces—all unsigned.
“What about your painting? Because, my word, any of this will make it into the Louvre with ease.”
“It came from trying to make my blood splatters less obvious,” 47 said, looking at one piece that was almost pure white, save for a few distinct drops of red, artfully arranged in a pleasing circle. “At first, it was to reduce the percentage of detection, but it became quite the artistic challenge to incorporate unconventional splatter styles both practically and aesthetically.”
“Your drumming?”
“The rhythmic demands of my martial arts training helped greatly,” 47 said. “To me, there is no difference between the expression on a punching bag or drum set.”
“And the massages? I’ve never felt more relaxed than when your hands were on mine,” Diana said. “And mind you, I understand how that is both very ironic and inappropriate.”
“The techniques are surprisingly similar to the various death grips and grapples I’ve mastered over the human body,” 47 said. “All that mattered was the precise control of strength.”
“Oh, I do train that regularly,” 47 said. “It is great exercise, and I need to get into tight spaces all the time. It seemed beneficial.”
“My word, 47,” Diana said. “With skills like yours, why do you continue your assassinations? You have no need for money. You have no lack of infamy. What are you killing for?”
47 stood quiet. His hands continued to rub the knife, and his eyes remained fixated on his painting.
“It’s all I’ve known,” the agent whispered.
“Are there better things out there for you, 47?”
“It’s all I’ve known—but that is no bad thing,” 47 said. “All my hobbies provide me satisfaction. But there is no higher peak than a good, clean kill.”
“I’m glad you said that, 47,” Diana smiled. “And though I’ve very much enjoyed your food, you know why I’m here.”
“Of course. This was enjoyable,” 47 inspected his knife, staring down the edge. “But there are jobs to do. And work—that, I love.”
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2022.01.25 16:11 Ancient_Ad71 Interesting take on "Get Back" using the traditional Korean instrument, the Gayageum. Sounds great. The Beatles, Korean style.
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2022.01.25 16:11 smurfyjenkins How do things work at top econ journals, exactly? This is one weird-ass story:

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2022.01.25 16:11 Pardcore_horn Girlfriend (F mid 20s) and I (M late 20s) have great relationship and love each other but she doesn't iniate sexually at all.

We have been in a committed relationship for 3+ years and have had many conversations regarding our future together (marriage/kids). We are both extremely compatible and love each other very much. Even though we have been together for a while now, we still go on dates with each other and I don't think that will change. One thing that has concerned me for a long time is that she is not as sexual as I am. I have an extremely high sex drive and we do have sex very regularly. There are a couple reasons why I bring this up.
Firstly, since the beginning of our relationship I have been open and honest with her regarding any kinks/fetishies/ fantasies I have and have asked her for years if she has any and that there is nothing to be ashamed of/worried about even if she was into something I might find odd. Her response is always that she has no fantasies/fetishes/kinks or that me just being me turns her on. She won't give me any clues/hints as to what I can do to really get her going. The issue I am running into is even though we have get it on pretty regularly I am always the one who initiates it. I feel that if I knew what she was into I would be able to do whatever it was. I have told her am willing to do just about anything for her all she has to do is ask.
Secondly, I have spoken with her several times about this and my desire for her to be more sexually assertive. I don't mind initiating the sexy time I mean I enjoy it but I would like her to initiate it once in a while. The initiation of sex has started to feel routine and like a chore to me. The issue is that I do not know how to tell her this again without hurting her feelings or making me feel like she is only initiating because I am forcing her to. It's not just about iniating though. My biggest issue is that the touching in foreplay always started by me. We will make out/dry hump and stuff until the cows come home but I always have to touch her lady parts before she will touch my privates. It seems like it may be a shyness thing but I just don't know or understand. We have a healthy relationship and are extremely open with one another. If there was an issue I don't see why she wouldn't tell me. I know it is not an attraction thing I am in fairly good shape and she is as well. We both give each other complements regularly and there is definitely sexual tension/arousal between us regularly.
Lastly, she has never just given me a BJ for fun. She has blatantly stated that she doesn't get anything out if it. However, I go down on her almost every time we do the do. Now it's not like she won't put my dongle in her mouth, we regularly 69. But it's just a reciprocation thing for me. I am willing to go down on her without any pleasure for myself (not that I don't enjoy doing it) but she doesn't do the same for me. When we first started dating she wouldn't give a blowjob at all but obviously that has changed. I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining about not getting head, I'm complaining about the lack of desire to do something for me without any expectation of a return the same way I do for her. This does not extend to anywhere outside of the bedroom. We are both good at just doing the little things for one another.
The only reason I am even posting is because last night really got on my nerves. The evening was normal, nothing really out of the ordinary but when she was getting ready for bed I asked her if she was going to go to sleep or just bed. She said just to bed and I asked if she wanted me to join. She said yes. We got in bed and started playing with each other (tickling and what not) which lead making out/heavy petting etc but this time I was sure she was going to initiate touching but the touching never came. I slowed down on the making out and touching until we just gave each other pecks on the lips and said good night. This happens every time if I don't initiate the touching or ask to 69 and it's really bugging me.
I guess I just wanted to vent. Sorry if this doesn't fit in here. This is my first post here. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Tl:dr; girlfriend does not iniate sexual touching and it is really bothering me
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2022.01.25 16:11 RoutineWalrus3728 Is an extremely loud building door slamming at all hours grounds for breaking lease?

In an apartment in Chicago, I don't know too much about the legal ins and outs, but I do know that we, in theory, have "quiet enjoyment" rights (or "rights," not sure how solid that is) here.
My apartment is located above the foyer for the building, and while the exterior door is fairly silent, the interior door through which you exit the foyer and enter the stairwell is unbelievably loud, and causes my apartment to actually rattle, in addition to the noise. The door does not need to be intentionally slammed in order for this to happen, this is the way it shuts on its own. I have documented this with my phone via video, the noise is very audible and the rattling is visually perceptible in the video. People come and go at all hours, and I am woken up by this almost every night.
I'm curious if this is at least in theory grounds for breaking my lease. I know this may not necessarily work out for me in practice, but given that I have documentation of the issue, and it's leading to a tangible disruption in my day to day life, I'm wondering if I have anything to go on here.

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2022.01.25 16:11 BandW_selfie_lover [23F] my last post was taken down

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2022.01.25 16:11 WealthWest6782 Minting random NFT 721 painlessly

Having 10k nft, couple of them have special properties. I am collecting information now. How should users mint random NFT/NFTS?
1/ Efortless way would be to save randomized metadata and mint from 1 to 10000. But there is so much wrong with this (operators knowing exact winning sequence).
2/ THIS guy: recommends something like LobsterDAO has, but its using ChainLink so I presume that might get nasty on gas. Might be option to use it one time though, before reveal.. will look into it.
3/ Any other options come into your mind?
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2022.01.25 16:11 maik_kellerhals On the frozen Lake Oeschinen in Switzerland

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