srsaf 43z33 k4sn9 244b5 isfhy 5ty3k he44f 8s7yf z88bi 83a25 69haf 564nt b226r 6574n dkiar y8ezy 9ryfs 5aitr 5zbsr tkfnb ysr7t Purchased more expensive printer 4 years ago just to throw it away like a cheap one. Need a new printer advice |

Purchased more expensive printer 4 years ago just to throw it away like a cheap one. Need a new printer advice

2022.01.25 16:11 Sialorphin Purchased more expensive printer 4 years ago just to throw it away like a cheap one. Need a new printer advice

What would you like to accomplish? Printing 1-2 times a month 2-5 sheets. Scan to PC and copy 1-2 times a week
Are there any models you are currently looking at? I have no idea about printer brands and models
Minimum Requirements:

Any other details: I have heard that some printer brands are not reliable at all. Had a canon PIXMA 925 because it was more of an expensive one and I didn't want to buy cheap and twice again. Now I have an error blocking the printhead making every other function somehow useless as well. Looks like even the more expensive ones are scam.
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2022.01.25 16:11 interwebsuser [Omega Seamaster] Help identifying an old watch - gold plated? 1950s?

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2022.01.25 16:11 Tek_E_Dude Not a bad birthday haul. Having a lot of fun with It’s a Wonderful World right now before I jump into Spirit Island. I prefer IAWW simplicity to TM:AE, but miss the theme.

Not a bad birthday haul. Having a lot of fun with It’s a Wonderful World right now before I jump into Spirit Island. I prefer IAWW simplicity to TM:AE, but miss the theme. submitted by Tek_E_Dude to soloboardgaming [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:11 RoughsGass 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.25 16:11 Petfre Blockchain dictionary

Hi guys! I came across a blockchain dictionary called Felix, where you can save a word on the blockchain forever. As i understand they are launching their Google store app any day now. Its part of the immutable project. Thought maybe this could be of interest to you.
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2022.01.25 16:11 NoAnxietynofear Demigod build , Speedboosting Lebron James Build

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2022.01.25 16:11 Blatus4980 Demande de la part de mon gestionnaire de location, qui est aussi le syndic, afin de joindre mes voisins

J'ai retrouvé un nuisible chez moi il y a de ça quelques semaines. J'ai tout de suite contacté l'agence en charge de la gestion locative de l'appartement dans lequel je suis. La loi étant claire sur le fait que le propriétaire doit prendre à sa charge le maintient en état convenable de l'appartement, j'ai été surpris quand la gestionnaire m'a coupé pour me dire "je vous arrête c'est à la charge du locataire."
Je lui ai fait un rapide rappel à la loi et ils ont dépêchés sur place des professionnels qui en sont arrivé à la conclusion que les nuisibles ne venaient pas de chez moi mais certainement de chez un voisin.
L'agence locative par laquelle je passe est aussi le syndic des appartements de tout mon bâtiment. J'ai reçu un mail me demandant d'aller voir mes voisins et de leur demander leur numéro de téléphone pour que l'agence (et donc le syndic) les contacte et prennent rendez-vous avec eux pour que les mêmes professionnels interviennent. Pour info/complément, tous mes voisins sont propriétaires.
Je trouves cela étrange, voir même, ressemblant à du travail déguisé (des grands mots qui pourraient être appelé un simple "service" mais cette agence est dans un rapport constant d'opposition).
Est-ce à moi d'aller voir mes voisins et sous quel prétexte peut on me demander d'aller leur demander leurs informations personnelles (nom et numéro de téléphone) afin qu'une société prenne contact avec eux ?
Merci d'avance et bonne continuation/journée/soirée à vous!
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2022.01.25 16:11 Sentient-Sock It’s always more fun playing multiplayer :)

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2022.01.25 16:11 Crazy-Ad-3291 Join group chat on Telegram

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2022.01.25 16:11 s000green How Big Beef Is Fueling the Amazon’s Destruction (2022) - The world’s biggest beef producer says it has no tolerance for rainforest deforestation, but the analysis shows that’s not true, and Brazilian law isn’t helping. [00:02:20]

How Big Beef Is Fueling the Amazon’s Destruction (2022) - The world’s biggest beef producer says it has no tolerance for rainforest deforestation, but the analysis shows that’s not true, and Brazilian law isn’t helping. [00:02:20] submitted by s000green to Documentaries [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:11 NewsElfForEnterprise Stocks making the biggest moves midday: American Express, General Electric, IBM and more

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2022.01.25 16:11 pcsillypj4 Interested as always what they are up to?

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2022.01.25 16:10 AV2K19 GET 200$ when shopping with SocialGood + 200$ for each friend (WORLDWIDE) [VALID UNTIL 31 JANUARY 2021]

Socialgood App is a cashback platform similar to Bestshopping and Cashrewards paying cashbacks in their native token, SG. They have the best cashback promos I've seen, such as 50% on Ebay, 100% on AliExpress and 50% on purchases.
In addition to the cashback offer, they have added a new promo: they increased their referral bonus to $200 USD after a purchase of $30 minimum in any of their advertised shops within 30 days of sign up. Once your cashback is approved, both your cashback and your referral bonus are withdrawable via Bitmart, Bittrex or Metamask (free withdrawals). Once approved, you can exchange your SG tokens to USDT, send the USDT to any exchange to cash out to your bank if you want to.
FAQ: orders take 48 hours to show. Payment can take up to 30days+ to ensure customers don’t claim reward and return product. Must spend 30$+ in order to unlock the bonus.
I have used it on my several Ebay purchases and all my purchases were tracked within few hours and were approved within 40 days.
Withdrawal proof:
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2022.01.25 16:10 chhhhg

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2022.01.25 16:10 EmbarrassedWhiteMale The Yak streak continues

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2022.01.25 16:10 lionelmossi10 BroDaddy streaming now on Hotstar

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2022.01.25 16:10 Capital_Possible7158 How do you spend your days?

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2022.01.25 16:10 Delicious-Hot-Dog Improperly Washing the Window to a Beautiful, Naturally Lit, Synergy Engendering Conference Room of a Highly Motivated and Successful CEO

I stand here, alone in my street-facing conference room, the pride of my business. I poured everything I had into this state of the art, naturally lit conference room, metaphorically emptying the metaphorical coffers much to the chagrin of my CFO, who I have since fired for her non-teamplayer attitude. Pessimistic attitudes are what sinks a company, and I, for one, will not see my innovative business crumble because of undermining negative energy from a single, ultimately insignificant, individual!
The massive oak table had to be built by professional carpenters, old and experienced carpenters who were entrenched in the old ways, the sturdy era of craftsmanship. One Norwegian, the other Japanese. I do believe they formed a romantic relationship over the several months it took to construct my conference room table, and this is fact, though speculative, as I am certainly not gay enough to discern platonic feelings and comradery from sexually charged romantic ones, is plastered on the front page of my cutting-edge website.
"Gay Carpenter's Fall in Love Building Greatest Conference Room Table in the World!"
And that is a fact. And they were paid as handsomely as their faces. I have no doubt that they've started a family of carpenters thanks to me and my flourishing business
That's the energy I emanate!
That’s the power of a CEO in his prime!
This table is perfect for such an executive, brain-stimulating, idea-creating, industry-leading, synergistic conference room. The same conference room I'm wildy exuding in right now. Exuding confidence, charisma, and cool guy vibes. I am a cool guy. I am the CEO in the coolest up and coming sector and look out old-heads, because the future is now. I'm a young man, and handsome, too. Even more so handsome than those gay carpenters who fell in love by my hand. They found love because of my hard work! This is the conference room of the truly successful.
The walls are white boards. Magnetic white boards. The floors are white boards. The ceiling is a white board, a backlit white board, though that light is not needed now, hardly ever is. This is a naturally lit conference room with a beautiful street facing window and wow I love seeing people walk by and those people may feel energized when they see the synergy of my creative team. Look at the zesto peppo in their steps! It's sexually arousing. Mentally arousing, too. I’ve got a brain boner standing in this conference room! I see them walk by and convulse involuntarily with an unexpected creaming, yes, walking as if an unseen ghost was giving them viciously good slob jobs, spasming and hooting, gasping and growling, almost falling with unfocused stumbling, though I don't allow myself to be shaken by that distraction. They're not distracting. Not for me. I'm the CEO.
My focus is absolute, nearly always absolute, but not today, unfortunately. Unfortunate 500-ly today. My window does not shine fully and I am irked utterly. Clean, yes. It must be cleaned. From the inside it is cleaned daily, twice daily, three times daily! Clean the window or be fired, non-teamplayer. I have no use for the uncollaborative. I pound my fist into my 3-ton conference table, dully thudding into the incredible mass. The man outside is supposed to clean the window from the outside, to make that window the clearest view into a successful business the average Joe Blowjob and Jane Muffsniff would ever, ever have the privilege of seeing in their lives. To inspire those troglodytes. The man, no, the less than a man. The freak, the troll, the beast, the fool, yes, the fool of a man outside has soaped the window so as to completely obscure the view!
I cannot brainstorm here!
I cannot commit synergy in here!
My natural light is filtered disgustingly by his suds! He wipes, squeegees, but not enough! Only a few letters! Only perhaps a circle! Making designs? Unauthorized suds designs!? The letters are backwards to me. What use is it to me to see backwards letters? That's backwards thinking. Who approved of this design work? I sure as hell didn’t. I would never tell a lowly windowman to sud designs into my beloved conference room window. This company doesn’t need his soap art on display.
“That's a non-teamplayer attitude. That man should be fired! We are innovation here!” I fucking scream with rifleman accuracy at the window to that washing idiot.
This business is a success that other companies, especially young startups who need a young, modern, very large cocked, fucking massive penis, CEO to look up to, look up to! It vexes me! I am a rage! I am a rage man!
“Wipe the damn window, you demon in motley! Stop making designs in the suds!”
The synergy is being stolen by this leech! This cutting edge vampire!
“Wipe the window!”
My gay carpenters weep, I assure you of that! I thud my soft fist into the table until it turns pink and raw like an uncooked chicken breast.
“Wipe it!”
If this devil wipes his ass as well as he wipes my window, then surely he smells like absolute shit!
“Frothy diarrhea monster windowman! I hate you!”
My paradigm is being shifted beneath my feet! My precious synergy is being siphoned and corrupted! You are no teamplayer!
“Wipe it, dog dammit! Dogs, sic him! After him, boys!”
I must remind my new CFO to purchase dogs. Huge dogs. Dogs with great, eviscerating jaws! We will have dogs to destroy this wiper! My business is the success of the nation, the envy of Mr. Forbes and his magazine. My dogs will destroy the windowman!
“Wipe the window already! Clean the whole thing! I do not want to see the letters!”
The backwards letters infuriate me! I bite down on the gorgeous wooden conference room table basking gloomily in the obscured natural light. This is not synergy! I am the CEO of a highly enviable market leader! I am a disrupter of industries, not you, windowman, window cleaner, window non-cleaner!! I need teamplayers! I need my heart to beat at one thousand miles per hour! Faster than the space shuttle!
“Wipe the whole window!”
I claw at my face, scratching strips of glistening flesh from my square jaw and just right stubble. Does no one else see this? Are the plebian sheep out there okay with the atrocities this man is committing right before our very eyes!? I am a success! He is a failure! He fails to clean my window, my incredible conference room window that floods in the natural light. Kill him! Wipe the window and kill him! Someone kill him! I command it! Be fired otherwise. I will fire everyone in my company. Teamplayers kill for their CEO, they kill failures who cannot even wash windows properly! This windowman must be stopped! That’s it. If he won’t wipe the suds off the window, then I’ll do it. I’ll do it myself just like I built this company from scratch, from scraps, from scraped knees and elbows, cut teeth, bleeding gums!
My gums and bleeding again as I clench my jaw with unbridled fury. Who hired this window cleaner, anyways? How is such a mongrel allowed to touch my conference room window? That’s something I needed to sign off on. I sign off on everything and I never signed off on this creature hellspawn of mischievous undoing.
I’m going out there. I said it. I’m doing it. I’m going out there the throttle that son of a biscuit eating bitch. No one eats my biscuits! I eat all the fucking biscuits in the whole damn county! He’s still sudsing the window. I’m going to get him. I push through my sound proof door that’s the doorway in and out of the greatest conference room in existence.
This door, fuck. I love this fucking door. It’s a work of art in itself as if Michelangelo created a bank vault door. The most pious of clergymen beg me to let them into my offices and allow them to pray at this hallowed door, pray for the power of the dollar, pray that I may hire them if only to lick envelopes hour after hour, day after day, endlessly. Until their tongues and swollen, dry, gnarled lumps of mouth muscle, like the rest of the lowly folk in my company.
“Join the ranks, lame wads!” I yell to the door.
The colony needs drones! And of that, I have multitudes. Pathetic no-getters just grateful to have a paying job and nothing more. You need aspirations! All of you!
With raw purpose and indomitable power, I powerstride down the workspace, past the open concept workstations.
“Stay awake, everyone! The boss is coming through to take care of some business, some nasty, unwanted business.”
Pay attention. Watch and learn. Feel the synergy flowing from my keto-diet body. My brawn is lithe and compact beneath my suit. They can feel it, I know it. The architect who designed my office space commented on it and I didn’t even prompt him to do so. He merely saw how I walked, and knew. He knew the dedication I put into my body and why success starts from within, why my company was the biggest disruptor in our industry, why our profits have been absolutely insane-o in the brain-o year after year after year.
And now some window washing Neanderthal who fancies himself some kind of street artist thinks he can suds up my glorious window?
No. No. No, no, no, and no.
I thump my snare drum chest and that really gets my workers going. They fucking love when I thump. They’re keyboard clacking, phone ringing, and sales talking is a beautiful cacophony to me.
“The bees buzzing in the beehive!”
I bring myself to a controlled jog. I’m composed under pressure. No one thinks as quick as I do with such poise and coolness, but this windowman has got my engine revved. I round the corner and practically burst through our front entrance with a leap.
“Aha! Aaaahhh! Haaaa!”
He’s gone?
He’s gone!
Not a trace of the psycho soaper anywhere. Go around, people, losers. Keep walking, wait, no.
“Did you see a man washing my window? He looked like a demon, a gnarly, disgusting demon with no respect for a man’s success! He was just washing this window! See? Do you see what an incredible window this is? Look! Look through this window and witness a state of the art, synergy packed, peak business getting, industry domineering, sexy ass conference room--”
What’s he doing in there? Get him out of there! Fucking unsynergystic creep. He’s sudsing my whiteboard walls!
“Hey! What the hell are you doing?”
Who let him in there? I smash my immaculate palms on the clean window and he just walks over calmly without even taking off his headset, without even taking off his headset! He’s got no decency, no respect! And he suds my conference room window from the inside now and goes back to making his little designs. His backwards writing and symbols.
“Hello!? I can’t read any of that shit, you wretched filth! Slime human! Garbage slime human!”
I’m getting stares from the passersby now. What? You’ve never seen a highly successful CEO passionate about his job before, you lazy bottom feeders? Your money goes into my pockets, asshole! I’m red in the face. This hot blood of mine is pumping with a caffeinated fury. Weaving through traffic. Dangerously pedal to the metal with my rock hard rage cock out steering!
I march back into my business, my industry example setting business, with high knees of a fury.
“Where’s the mouthful motherfucker at? Rip him! I’m gonna rip his squeegee from his idiot hands and--”
My secretary is dead? My secretary is dead! Her great heaving breasts heave no more. Her giant tits! Ruined! Squeegeed flat! Fucking bastard windowman demon son of a bastard’s bastard! You ruined her! The secretary, the receptionist, the whatever the fuck those dumpers from other less successful companies think they should be called, is the first impression a business makes. How can a company expect sky-rocketing yearly profit margins without a big fat juicy set of tits giggle bouncing from the door swing!?
I slip and fall on my tailbone, but rebound instantly due to unreal body control that only comes with reality bending dedication to achievement.
The floor is wiped smooth, frictionless, or nearly.
“Demon! Who’s seen him? Who’s seen the vicious ape? Mongrel with a squeegee!”
This guy. Here’s a guy who will know, a guy who will know if he values his job and his personal self-confidence even one iota. I skate over to him and grab him by his disappointingly weak jawline. I shake the fuck out of him. I shake him because my rage whips through my body and needs release.
“Hello? Motherfucker, hello? Where’d the windowman go? Where is the windowman?!”
I grab his tie and jerk him forward. I don’t wear ties. Ties are collars and collars are for dogs, dirty fucking dogs, and that’s why my workers must wear them. Women too! Wear your little leash, little doggies! Good dogs! Do what the Master says! Do what the Boss says!
He falls forward and busts his nose on my sharp collarbone. His guts fall out and plop on the squeaky clean floor like the bottom falling out of a diaper garbage bag.
“Fuuuuuck Yooouuuu!”
Fucking guy. The loser’s shirt flaps open and his belly skin and muscle and FAT are wiped away, wiped clean away.
“Oh, trying to scare me? Trying to scare me? Trying to. SCARE. ME!?”
Rager heads shall prevail. I’m finding this fuckwad, this windowman freak, this windowfreak, this windowpicker of the wrong CEO, C.E.O. to fuck with!
The lights go dark above me. Impossible! These aren’t just lights, they’re productivity maximizing illumination systems! They don’t go out. They never go out. That’s the whole fucking point!
My phone flashlight does the job. You can’t afford it, so don’t bother asking what model. Only a man like me can afford a phone like this, can even properly use it to its fullest, and that’s just what I do by engaging the flashlight feature. Fucking wiped! Again! The lights are fucking wiped away! Squeegeed into oblivion!
“I’ll get you for this one! Those lights were like a mother to me!”
My light shines around the open concept office space and it’s nothing but clean, reflective floors. No workers. No one working the phones. No one making the calls. No one making the sales. No one making my money!
My profits! God dammit, my profits! He’s wiping away my profits!
Is this his game? Villain. Incubus of profits! Sector disruptor! No one out disrupts me in this business sector! No! No way. It’s just not possible!
I fall again, this time I’m cold. I’m naked! Fucker wiped my clothes right off of me! I can’t even be fucked to think about how expensive every single individual article of clothing and item of accoutrement costs and the purpose of each one as it pertains to overwhelming ascendancy!
I scramble back to where I know, back to the place I’m safe. Not that I need it. I need safety, but I don’t need it like that. I can figure it out. No one, nothing out-maneuvers me. Nothing, no one. Never.
There it is. That big door looks as lovely as I remember, and I’m a man who never forgets. It opens slowly, sexually, hypersexually just like I like it and there it is! My beautiful, naturally lit, synergy engendering conference room of a highly motivated and successful CEO.
“Wipe what you want. Wipe what you can! As long as I’m in here, the brainstorming never stops and nothing can crumble this business of mine! Everything can be rebuilt and replaced! Those people you wiped away were worthless!”
“Mindless automatons!”
I close the door and sit in my nudeness. Yes, yes. Look at me now, everyone! This is what success costs! None of you are willing to get to this level. I bask in that sunlight once more. So much synergy. Oh, all the synergy for myself! All I need is my gorgeous table, my immaculate white boards, my breathtaking chairs. I can’t be ruined. No. That’s impossible. A man of my dominance? My absolutely ruthless business acumen? My preternatural ability to make profits?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The sunlight fades slowly, disgusting darkness washing over my nude form. Fucker. How? Why? Where is? How did he? Why!?
The window is squeegeed into nothing but a featureless wall of indeterminate color and shade. It hurts my eyes. I can’t. I always can! But I can’t right now. I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing! I gotta figure this out, but I…
A squeak over my shoulder alerts me to the door.
Gone. Gone!
“Why? What is the purpose of this? Jealousy? A business rival playing dirty? Trying to back me into a corner!? Is that it? Who are you?”
He’s gotta show himself. Windowman. Windowman. Windowman. I’m stronger and faster than he is, no doubt. I’m a physical specimen.
That’s a squeak! There!
My table! My conference room table is wiped away!
“You can’t do this to me! You can’t! You can’t! You can’t! I don’t deserve this!”
I’m not begging. Just stating a fact.
I realize I am in a totally featureless room, just like my former window. Lukewarm everywhere, uncomfortable. Light everywhere, not right. Is it light or dark in here?
“Okay, we can negotiate. I’m a master negotiator. I’ve come to countless agreements that were maximally beneficial to both parties. So? What do you say?”
Where is he? We can strike a deal! Let me outta here… I can make that windowman a lot of money! So much success! Where is he? Why did he do this?! My ire spills.
My mouth is wiped off. Then my hands, then my feet. I couldn’t even try to stop him now. Windowman. I couldn’t. I don’t. I can’t solve it. My synergy...
My heart rate slows. I crawl to the wall that I think was once the window.
They’ll hear me, right? They’ll hear me out there. People are drawn to this kinda thing, right? They revel in seeing a titan fallen from grace and they love to see nothing more than to see him back on his feet, back with his feet, after hitting rock bottom.
I thud my nub against the vague wall. It feels like my beautiful conference room table. Soft thud. I thud harder. They gotta hear me out there. They gotta, right?
I thud again, and again, and again, and again, and again.
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2022.01.25 16:10 inferno2085 Probably the most disappointing skin list yet :(

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2022.01.25 16:10 Curly4Life Billing Differences for the Same Activity

My BCBA is billing my month supervision meeting as Billable - Administrative Work under her hours, but RBTs are told to bill it as Nonbillable - Administrative Work. Is that normal?
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2022.01.25 16:10 thecodeage Women's SBO Probiotics

Women's SBO Probiotics
Prebiotics, probiotics and a feminine wellness blend all-in-one with Codeage Women's SBO probiotics
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2022.01.25 16:10 _SandyCheeksCockVore All things must go

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2022.01.25 16:10 Traditional_Side4902 Emerging Black NFT artist....

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2022.01.25 16:10 Maleficent-Fan-3545 If you could choose to become famous for something, what would you want to be famous for?

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2022.01.25 16:10 Hexatica How does lost Dungeon work?

I have done a couple but the level is really low. I'm currently at level 130. Is there any way to change the level, or do I have to farm every level?
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