New bike lanes coming for Richmond cyclists

When the Richmond Night Market closed for the season Oct. 14, 2019, excitement for the 2020 campaign was already building. Organizer Raymond Cheung, whose foresight to start the initial market in ... Elected officials working on the expansion of Interstate 5 between Oregon and Washington this week got a look at early renderings (more below) of the narrow set of options for the new highway, focused around downtown Vancouver. “I know the moment this is shared, social media and everybody else is ... Judy Shih hopes the artful aging program could help people put a positive lens on aging. Photo from Getty Images Many people are afraid of getting older, but Judy Shih believes aging can be “beautiful and artful.” “There are people who have negative thoughts about aging. That’s not what we ... Our Location: 5000 Upper Harper Road, Coquitlam, BC Canada, V3E 3H1. Phone: 604-942-9772 McDonald’s patrons can once again use their own reusable travel mugs later this month across Metro Vancouver. The Metro Vancouver region will be the first in Canada to resume this service. According to McDonald’s Canada in a media statement, reusable travel mugs will be accepted for hot ... $750,000 in state grants coming to PBOT for three safety projects Posted by Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) on December 22nd, 2021 at 8:12 am This crossing of NE Killingsworth near Vernon Elementary School will get “raised concrete pedestrian islands” . The Brooklyn Bridge. is probably the most famous bridge of New York City, and also one of its most popular landmarks.. The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883, and was the first bridge to provide passage across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan, back when Brooklyn was still an independent city.

2022.01.25 17:46 Financial-Contest955 New bike lanes coming for Richmond cyclists

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2022.01.25 17:46 hullopalooza This is why I was born.
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2022.01.25 17:46 fatihgunay Hi folks do you wanna a Free Hug NFT?

Hi folks do you wanna a Free Hug NFT? Hugtus, the NFT community that produces software and metaverse projects, is online. The first 100 bids submitted through Opensea will be accepted. You will set the base price. Happy minting.
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2022.01.25 17:46 Esnips123 Zenaki SS4 Vegeta

I'm thinking of switching my main to Vegeta clan but I don't see him in the Zenaki shop, do they rotate units when it reset? Also, what are the chances his banner comes back on reset?
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2022.01.25 17:46 FractalFlowersNFT 🚀 GIVEAWAY 🚀 UPV0TE & F0LL0W TW1TTER! 🚀

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2022.01.25 17:46 baneofzane Countertop, Taken on Canon AE-1

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2022.01.25 17:46 Darkseidwas You've been lied to

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2022.01.25 17:46 howdoeswinstonknow Did not know r/Bagcat was a is my her bag!

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2022.01.25 17:46 anonymoususer112234 Which legendary power armour?

So I’ve been rolling t65 for a while now and haven’t had 1 overeaters piece drop.
I’ve had 1 overeaters piece drop for hellcat but I’m reluctant to switch to that since I’ve already got all the mods and grinded initially for the t65.
Atm I think I’ve got almost a full set of troubleshooters t65, with 1 piece of something else(forgot).
My thinking behind keeping troubleshooters over others, was daily ops or encrypted, but with electric absorption and being a tanky build anyway- I don’t really feel I needed it.
So what effects are actually helpful, and what sort of mix should I aim for (assuming my current luck with overeaters continues).
I switch between bloodied and full health from time to time so ideally vanguard or bolstering wouldn’t be as ideal as normal.
I was toying with the idea of having my hellcat and t65 for different roles (whether that be full/low health or something else idk)
So what mixed effects would give a decent set?
ps I’m mainly talking about primary effects. If I get an average primary with good 2nd or 3rd then I’ll just use that.
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2022.01.25 17:46 phillip_calzone Having trouble going to the printing room at Woodward

I'm trying to get into the printing room in Woodward but my card isn't being accepted. I'm a CCI major and it worked last semester so what happened?
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2022.01.25 17:46 straightouttagitmo Any books on the Middle East during the Crusades?

Hello all you fine folk!
I'm interested in reading about the Crusades but I have quite a lot of material but I noticed I don't have any books regarding the Middle East's situation during the time. Therefore, I want to consult you! Do you have any recommendations on the Middle east's situation during this time period?
Also, how relevant is the Umayyad conquest of Hispania in regards to the Crusade? I hear a lot of people (usually Christians or critics of Islam) throw around that conquest as the reason why the Crusaders (300 years later) decided to mobilize against the muslims. As you can hear, I am skeptic towards to this, but yet unsure, so any help here would be of gratitude!
Thanks for any and all recommendations, have pleasant morning/day/evening/night!
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2022.01.25 17:46 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-55759

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2022.01.25 17:46 sans_so_cool_so_cool How balanced is the roles?

(If u already readed this just comment down below how balanced it is or how unbalanced it is and give your reason why so i can reply and see if its a good reason and debuff an kit as what you say and vote could change any kit)
Now this is monopoly with kits/powers This is all my idea and the rules are the same depending on the kits;
First one up is: • nomarl (here you play as a nomarl person nothing cool any amount of players can be this role)
• the mayor role This role gives 1 free house for every property you own at the time so lets say u have all the red and rail ways u have 3 houses for free for only starting not with properties that have houses on already Rails wont count as properties as u cannot put houses on same with water works and electric company getting out of jail is free.
Weakness: every time you go pass go you pay each player on the board 50$
•the police role This role allows you to sent any player u land on to jail. This is a weakness and a strength as you cannot go to jail ever even by cards or landing on jail, speeding fines you choose a player to pay instead.
• engineer role
This role is pretty good i say water works/ electric gives double the amount shown the dice meaning if u have both you would nomarly get 10 times shown the dice instead you would get 20x the amount shown the dice Weakness: starts with half cash.
•the builder role
This role can buy all and sell houses for 50% cheaper what it would nomarly be. Building loans will be half price cheaper
Weakness: when lands on free parking owns every player 150$ each.
•risky dan This role makes all cards u draw better. So lets you get more money form cards and all cards that take away money is 50% less so if it was 30$ it would be 15$ And you get 100% more money form cards so if u would of got 200 form pass and go u would get 400 form the cards not by actully passing pass and go. Inuding rail roads if he has all rail roads and some one got " advance the nearest railroad if only my back from Bank if not you pay double amount" instead of 400$ u would get 800$!
Weakness: all houses cost 50% more and sell backs are less then nomarl.
Now this one is more of a cool one.
•time lord role What this role does. every time you land on pass and go you choose how much everyone goes back Form 1 to 3 of ur choice inculding your self if landed on a property you all have to pay however if land back on pass and go u make 200$ again
Weakness: can never go to jail but can still lose 200$ form pass and go. If u got jail it will sent u to just visiting and u will not received 200 and you won't be able too time reverse for untill u go pass go
•The flash role This role gives u. Get an extra dice with a 1 in 7 chance of getting the man form the speed dice doubles stop this dice form working you could get 1 to 6 and the small chabce of getting the man which has a 50% chance of being on the dice when you throw it.
Weakness: you get a speed fine of 85$ every time you go pass go.
Lasty as im kinda running out of ideas rn is.
•the sear role
What this role does: every time u get snake eyes you can choose where ever you want to go.
Weakness: none
Yea no weakness mainly as thats not too op. Getting snake eyes is at lest 1 in 12 chance and if u got three doubles u go to jail i mean i guess u could count it as ending your turn when you got snake eyes is a weakness but not that much of a weakness
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2022.01.25 17:46 scuzzo_ It finally happened. Our boy is hanging out with Les Claypool today

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2022.01.25 17:46 ancoree 500mb patch and nothing on reddit about it ?

sirbelvedere, cyborgmatt miss those days
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2022.01.25 17:46 Nbesaw54 Unable to play anything but Solo’s?

Anyone else having this problem? Every single time someone joins my party or I join theirs, it always kicks one of us. Haven’t been able to join in any other game than a solo in 3 days
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2022.01.25 17:46 TelescopeFeed Webb Model - Micah Boussi

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2022.01.25 17:46 AttentionParking855 The desperation is real....

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2022.01.25 17:46 Hateorade_ s m i l e

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2022.01.25 17:46 killingaristotle Have had good success with interlocking mold halves. Anyone else try this?

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2022.01.25 17:46 GregTrompeLeMond 8 Years Of Fighting The Police Union In Court And What Did We Get? Quite A Lot, It Turns Out

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2022.01.25 17:46 sac45856 Sending money to Uzbekistan.

What is the cheapest way to send money to Uzbekistan from USA?
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2022.01.25 17:46 ResponsibilityFun877 GOT GANYU C1!!!!! Sorry for flexing, but I've been waiting for her for soooo long, and I still can't even believe that I not only have her, but I also got her c1 in a 10 pull. Also I have ALL her materials, so I'm more than ready :)

GOT GANYU C1!!!!! Sorry for flexing, but I've been waiting for her for soooo long, and I still can't even believe that I not only have her, but I also got her c1 in a 10 pull. Also I have ALL her materials, so I'm more than ready :) submitted by ResponsibilityFun877 to Ganyu [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 17:46 MorsansHatt H: Ber/40iss/+1s power fist W: Furious/40iss/+1S power fist or combat knife

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2022.01.25 17:46 Oilers974 SusMan

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